Saving Time with Raven Tools

Saving Time with Raven Tools

One of our primary objectives with Raven is to create an environment that saves users time. Time that they usually spend collecting and reporting on data that doesn’t directly translate into results. By using Raven, users are able to turn that saved time into marketing efforts that will impact their campaigns. That might translate into more content development, more links being built or even more time participating in social media. Here are just a few ways Raven can save you and your team time.

Automated Reporting

Reporting can take hours. It requires that you pull data from the multitude of tools you’re using, find a way to present the data in an easy-to-read format for clients/management, and typically it requires you to do it at least once a month.

With Raven, we do all of the heavy lifting for you. Almost every tool within Raven can be reported on. From the new and requested links you’ve built over a specified time frame, to analytics reports and rankings reports, in just a few minutes you can generate a professional, branded report that your clients/management will love.

To make this process even more time saving, once you setup a report once you can easily rerun the report with a different time frame selected, or have the report automatically run and emailed out to anyone you wish (clients, team members, etc.). Because reports can be completely customized and white-labeled, when you email out reports they’ll come from the Admin email address of your account. That way your clients won’t see the Raven Tools brand.

Read-Only Access

We’ve all had a client or executive constantly hound us for the latest metrics and rankings. Instead of spending time generating reports, why not give them access to the tools they’re looking for.

With your Raven account, you’re given an unlimited number of Read-Only accounts that you can use to give clients/management access to any of Raven’s tools. You can choose which websites, profiles and tools they are able to view. That way you don’t have to worry about them seeing anyone else’s data and they won’t be able to break anything.

Link Research

Link Researching
Trying to figure out what links to target is extremely time consuming. Most of the time is spent researching and evaluating link partners. Raven has partnered with MajesticSEO to provide users with a quick way to find high-quality links.

Raven users can find linking opportunities using a variety of tools:

  • Site Finder – Search for any keyword and Raven will analyze the top 10 Google search results backlink profiles and recommend links for you to target
  • Backlink Explorer – Look up the backlinks of any domain, view when the links were created, the anchor text and even if the link has a nofollow tag or is encased within an image
  • Social Monitor – Track mentions of any keyword across the social web (blogs, forums, Twitter, etc.) and find linking opportunities from relevant websites
  • Forum Search – Search for any keyword and find threads from hundreds of forums that are related to your search. A great way to find relevant discussions to begin participating in and dropping a few links

Competitor Tracking

We all have a list of competitors we are actively monitoring, and in many cases your clients and management are looking for you to compare the competitors’ performance to their own.

Raven can both monitor and report on your competitors for you. Raven keeps track of the number of pages they have indexed, inbound link counts, PageRank and can even track where they rank for the keywords you’re targeting. When you build a report we’ll compare their metrics and rankings to your website side-by-side so you can easily see how your website stacks up against the competition.

All-In-One Workplace

Switching between multiple accounts, personas and tools is a waste of time. Having to remember passwords for all of your accounts, and having your tools not sharing data and working together can be extremely frustrating and inefficient.

Raven Tools has all of the tools you need in one collaborative environment. You can keep track of your social media persona account information, and best of all, all of your data and tools work together. We’ve integrated Google Analytics into the SERP tracker, made it easy to keep track of which links you are building for the each keyword you’re tracking, made it easy to add social mention link opportunities to your Link Manager, and more!

Ready to start saving time?

We offer a no credit-card required, free 30 day trial. Give us 30 days to start making you and your team more efficient. You’ll be amazed how much time you’ll save that you can spend improving your online marketing results.