Run IE5, IE6, and IE7 at the Same Time - Even On a Mac


Run IE5, IE6, and IE7 at the Same Time – Even On a Mac

Internet Explorer — known to many Web designers as the bane of their existence — can now have multiple versions run on the same computer. Thanks to a program that’s actually been around for a few years, I was able to effortlessly install and run the following versions of IE on my computer:

  • IE3
  • IE4
  • IE5
  • IE5.5
  • IE6
  • IE7

Even better, I’m on a Mac. I was able to do all of this in Parallels!


  1. Download and run the Multiple IE Installer. This installs all of the versions of IE, except for IE7.
  2. Download and run the Internet Explorer 7 standalone Installer. This installs the standalone version of IE7.
  3. Download and run the registry cleanup script. This fixes an issue with opening IE6 after the IE7 installation.

This solution was created by TredoSoft. For more information, details, troubleshooting, etc…, read these articles:

Update 12/6/2006 — I’ve had trouble running IE6 and IE5.5 (the ones that were installed by the multiIE setup. However, my original installation of IE 6 still works fine.

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