Run IE5, IE6, and IE7 at the Same Time – Even On a Mac

Run IE5, IE6, and IE7 at the Same Time – Even On a Mac

Internet Explorer — known to many Web designers as the bane of their existence — can now have multiple versions run on the same computer. Thanks to a program that’s actually been around for a few years, I was able to effortlessly install and run the following versions of IE on my computer:

  • IE3
  • IE4
  • IE5
  • IE5.5
  • IE6
  • IE7

Even better, I’m on a Mac. I was able to do all of this in Parallels!


  1. Download and run the Multiple IE Installer. This installs all of the versions of IE, except for IE7.
  2. Download and run the Internet Explorer 7 standalone Installer. This installs the standalone version of IE7.
  3. Download and run the registry cleanup script. This fixes an issue with opening IE6 after the IE7 installation.

This solution was created by TredoSoft. For more information, details, troubleshooting, etc…, read these articles:

Update 12/6/2006 — I’ve had trouble running IE6 and IE5.5 (the ones that were installed by the multiIE setup. However, my original installation of IE 6 still works fine.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • Jordan Glasner

    Awesome tip. I’m still getting accustomed to having a functional copy of Windows on my Mac.

    Remember when you had test using Virtual PC? Seems like the dark age now.

  • Anthony Ettinger

    I like this feature, however IE4 adds an extra foward slash “Can’t open: http:///

    …and IE7 just freezes.

  • Anthony Ettinger

    that thing hosed my winXP install, I don’t recommend using it unless you know what you’re doing.

    I had SP1 and ran it, and now my computer freezes…can’t update to SP2 now.

    I tried removing it, but same thing – I just get a frozen window of IE7 that doesn’t do anything, and all other functionality on the system is *slowwww*.

  • Jon Henshaw

    That sucks Anthony. Sorry to hear that. I only tried it with WinXP SP2 running on Parallels. Good to know it’s dangerous though for those who depend on Windows as their work environment.

  • Anthony Ettinger

    The saga continues. I upgrade to SP2, without a hitch, but then I rejected the IE7 download during my latest “update”.

    Now IE keeps loading multiple windows and freezes for about 10 minutes before anything loads…I’m in the process of figuring out how to download IE without actually *having* a working IE – since other browsers don’t work with the built-in ActiveX “MS Update via Web” thing they created…

  • Anthony Ettinger

    Update – I was able to install the “uninstall” script available at the publisher’s site…worked like a charm, computer back to normal with IE6.

  • Sheldon Pereira

    Sorry folks the multiple IE setup doesn’t run in Windows Vista. Anyonw have a work arouns for testing ie6 with Vista?

  • Laurence


    Been looking for a way to run IE 6 + IE &. Most of the guides online require a virtual machine etc… this worked first go!

    Thank you
    (using XP Pro SP2)

  • Sbu

    Cool !!!

    However, I can’t get popups or dropdown menu to display on IE7. I’ve tried to disable my popup blocker, It didn’t work either.

    Help !


    Hi, I have download and install the files necessary for multiple IE on my Parallels (Mac os X Leopard), and All is running ok. But, when I am running IE7 standalone, I dont have any menu for this application …

    Please, advise. Thanks a lot.


  • Vitor

    Great! Thanks for the post! This solution works fine for me! 😉