Raven’s CRM for social media

Raven’s CRM for social media

Social media is a big part of Raven’s new CRM tools. Whether you’re working on community building, influencer outreach or even working with SEOs for a one-two punch, these new features can give you a big helping hand. Let’s take a closer look at CRM features for social media.

Social contacts

You can import new contacts to CRM in lots of different ways, but one of the coolest is adding a new Twitter contact to CRM directly from the Social Stream. Run across a blog you want to get to know better? Netted a mention from an industry influencer you want to build a relationship with? Add them to CRM with one push of a button.


Raven will confirm when your new contact is added, and you’ll be able to see it once you navigate over to CRM.

When you add a contact, Raven will pull in as much information as our system can find. Then you can fill out the Summary profile with as much information as you like, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn account information.


Integrated Twitter feed

follow-multiple-accounts The CRM really shines when it comes to Twitter – one of the most popular ways to nurture connections. Clicking the Twitter tab (you’ll only see this when a Twitter handle has been input for a contact) leads to a full Twitter profile with the contact’s 20 latest tweets. You can also easily follow/unfollow (even from multiple accounts), reply, retweet or favorite – it’s everything you need to interact in one spot.

Social tasks

Now let’s get to the good stuff: social tasks! These are really handy for those influencers, customers, journalists or others who you want to make sure you give some extra attention to. For example, Ross Hudgens will be our guest for our next Ravenchat May 23 so he’ll be our example here.

In the Summary tab of each contact is a drop-down for contact type and status. Fill this out to keep track of each type of contact and whether you’ve been in touch with them.


To get even more specific about how often you want someone to be in touch with your contact on Twitter, assign a task. I’ll assign myself a task to interact with Ross.


If you choose a Twitter username for the Contact Method, replying to a tweet from anywhere within Raven using an account you’ve authorized will automatically mark the task as complete.

We also have the option of making the task a recurring one. If I want to make sure I tweet to Ross every 3 days, I can set the task to recur that often. Once one incidence is marked off, the task will reset itself.


Team functionality

We’ve also built in lots of features to help social media tasks flow seamlessly with other types of Internet marketing tasks, like SEO.

If your social media networking yields a new relationship that you want to pass along to an SEO for a possible link or guest post, it’s easy to assign someone to follow up. Add a note for more context.


The Notes tab allows anyone with access to the contact record to leave comments about the contact. The three most recent notes are displayed on the Summarytab, and notes can be created on the Summary tab or the Notes tab.

And we’ve made it easy to share contacts or keep them to yourself, depending on your needs. You can set your contacts to Global, Profile, or Private.


As always, we’ll be periodically updating our social tools to make them work even better in concert with the CRM and other Raven tools. We have some awesome ideas, but we’d love for you to help us to make it even better. Email me at courtney@raventools.com with your feedback.

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Courtney Seiter

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.