Raven’s Chrome Toolbar for social media


With its one-click site research and link discovery tools, you might think that Raven’s Chrome Toolbar was designed with SEOs in mind.

And you’d be partially right. But the powerful tool also has plenty to offer social media practitioners. In fact, let’s go tab by tab and look at everything a social media manager or community manager can do with the toolbar.

We’ll take a recent mention Raven Tools got from VentureBeat as an example.




When your social media monitoring unearths a new mention of your brand or product like this one, you’re probably going to poke around the website a little bit to figure out how big of a deal the mention is.

Is it a well-known blog? How many social activities, like tweets and +1s, are happening with the URL?

The “Research” button comes in very handy here. Just click the button and Raven will open a new window of our data hub Research Central, pre-populated with the URL you’re checking out.


You’ll be able to see authority scores that will give you an idea of how trustworthy the site is, including social media stats on the number of times this particular link has been shared.


Now we can see this is a pretty good site. On to the next step.


So we have a positive mention from a good tech site. Let’s make sure this gets recorded so I can tell my boss about it.

By clicking the Links tab, I can add this new link to Raven’s Link Manager so I don’t forget about it. Raven will find the link’s anchor text and populate it for me, and I can fill in the rest.


I’ll assign myself as the owner of the link so I can go into Link Manager later and see all the mentions I’ve catalogued for the month with their screenshots. (I can easily report these mentions, too.)


I can also use the Links tab to find out if the site I’m on has any other links to my site that I might need to know about. If I find that the site has linked to us more than once, it may be time to move onto the next phase: building a relationship.



Clicking on the Contacts tab gives me lots of options: I can quickly add a contact to Raven’s Contact Relationship Manager, view any contacts already added there, or click Discover Contacts to have Raven find me a relevant contact at this site.


I can see by the “1” that we’ve already got a contact at VentureBeat. I can quickly see who it is by clicking View Contacts:

Chrome-Toolbar-view contact
But this was a post written by guest author Heather Huhman of Come Recommended. I’m going to go ahead and add her to Raven’s CRM, too.


Now I can go into the CRM tool itself and fill out her profile a little further. I can also note for my team that she was the author of a guest post that mentioned us, and even assign a task for someone on my team to reach out to her.




One of the most obvious actions I might want to take with this kind of positive mention of my brand is: share it! Clicking the Share tab on the toolbar will pop up a small window populated with the headline of the article I’m on.


From here, I can add my own text into the post, choose the account(s) I want to post to, and then send the message out on Twitter or Facebook – or schedule it for later.



If there is some information about this site that I want to share with my team, the Notes tab is the place to do it. Writing a note here automatically adds this website to Raven’s Website Directory, where the note will be stored along with lots of information about the site.


Website notes are another way to track important information and collaborate on campaigns. Just remember: The Website Directory is a global tool, so any user on your Raven account can see the details (including notes) stored there.


A final feature of the Chrome Toolbar is the ability to carry all your logins for every social media site with you at all times as you surf the web. That’s the Personas tool.

Click on it from whatever site you’re on and you’ll see a new popup box with a list of all your social media sites. Click any one and Raven will open it in a new page and populate it with your login data (if possible).


Learn more about Raven’s Personas tool to make the most of its Chrome Toolbar integration.

So that’s how I use Raven’s Chrome Toolbar for social media. What about you? Let me know about any tips or tricks you’ve picked up in the comments. Oh, and if you haven’t installed it yet, go grab it from the Chrome Web Store now.

Courtney Seiter

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

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