RavenHunt II Winners & Answers

RavenHunt II Winners & Answers

Friday marked the end of RavenHunt II. RavenHunt II was bigger and better than we had imagined. We had lots of people eying the top prize package of an iPad, but before we announce the winners we’d like to give a shout out to the blogs who made RavenHunt possible:

Without the help of those awesome blogs (who you should be subscribing to if you aren’t already), RavenHunt wouldn’t have been possible. If you’re interested in having your blog participate in the next RavenHunt shoot me an email (taylor -at- raventools -dot- com).

RavenHunt II Winners

Congratulations to Rick Galan who won the iPad by 3 seconds over second-place finisher Jon Parker. Rick is now the proud owner of:

Here’s the full list of winners:

  1. Rick Galan (@RickGalan)
  2. Jon Parker (@jonbparker) – 6 month Pro subscription, RavenHunt t-shirt
  3. Brendan Blowers (@stadriemblems) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  4. Marty Martin (@mosquitohawk) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  5. Chris Carroll (@grumpyhawk) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  6. Nate Griffin (@Nate_Griffin) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  7. Richard Vaughan (@richardtvaughan) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  8. Kate Morris (@katemorris) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  9. Joe Leyba (@joeleyba) – RavenHunt t-shirt
  10. Kimber Cook (@kimbercook) – RavenHunt t-shirt

We know there were a lot more of you who entered and didn’t place for a prize, but don’t worry – there will be another RavenHunt soon!

RavenHunt II Riddle Answers


Riddle 1: Low conversion web pages can be so frustrating. Why aren’t people doing what you want them to do? Is there a simple change to fix it all? Fear not! Avinash is here to help! If you want to have high performing web pages make sure that you listen to his advice!

Answer: The clue was hidden on Avinash’s blog post, “Six Tips for Improving Low Conversion Web Pages” on the colon (:) at the end of the sentence “if you want to have high performing web pages make sure that you:”.

Riddle 2 (sent via DM): We’ve hidden today’s clue within our search engine directions. Don’t worry, you’re ALLOWED to view it.

Answer: The Raven Tools robots.txt file


Riddle 1: The benefit from having a firm grasp of social media for companies is impossible to ignore. Oh how we all would benefit from having 20+ social media experts share their knowledge with us. What we want to know is: what do pirates have to do with web 2.0?

Answer: Hidden on the TopRank blog post, “25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips” on the “.” of the second “2.0” of the question asked to Dave McClure, “What do pirates have to do with internet marketing and web 2.0?”

Riddle 2 (sent via DM): YouTube is great for making screencasts accessible to…anyone.  Like our Site Finder screencast. Don’t forget to respond to comments.

Answer: We left a comment on the YouTube page for our screencast of Site Finder.


Riddle 1: These days it seems just about everyone wants to give blogging a shot. But what separates the successful bloggers from the rest of us? For one, you can’t see blogging as a job. It’s so much more than that!

Answer: Hidden on Techipedia’s post 11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Bloggers on the exclamation point (!) in Tamar’s comment at the end of the post that says “That’s one of the biggest ones. Don’t see blogging as a job – it’s so much more than that!”

Riddle 2 (sent via DM): Subdomains or subfolders – that is the question. An even better question: has anyone ever used “subdomain” as a subdomain?

Answer: We hid the clue on a subdomain we setup: subdomain.raven-seo-tools.com


Riddle 1: Finding an e-commerce platform that has the functionality you want, and that is SEO friendly is hard. You may want to give Magento a shot. Or is it called Magneto? Hmm.

Answer: Hidden on John Andrew’s post “Magento SEO” on the exclamation point (!) after “Even to this day Magento hasn’t defined itself enough in the world to overpower the Magneto typos!”

Riddle 2 (sent via DM): Keeping your HTML short and clean is best for users and spiders. HTML comments are especially useful for humans & raven hunters.

Answer: We hid that clue as a comment in the HTML on our homepage (and on the RavenHunt page).


Riddle 1: PPC & SEO have more similarities than people realize. For one, CTR, conversion rate, and cost per conversion are actionable metrics you should be studying in both your PPC and SEO campaigns. And just like SEO, be prepared for change. Things can change in an SEM Minute!

Answer: Hidden on the LoSasso’s post “Actionable PPC Metrics“, you actually had to watch the video they created to find the clue. About 15 seconds into the video a pop-up appeared that listed the URL of the clue.

Riddle 2 (found on the previous clue page): SEO is more than just content, links and architecture. You also need patience.

Answer: If you followed the link we gave you after that riddle you were taken to a blank page that redirected after 15 seconds to the entry form.

In order to win the contest you had to unscramble the secret word using the letters we gave you each day. The final word was: Corvus Corax which is the official species name of the common Raven!

Congratulations again to all of our winners!