RavenHunt II Launches Today!

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RavenHunt II Launches Today!

Apple iPadToday we are launching the second RavenHunt and prizes are better than ever! Get your problem solving hat ready, this time around things won’t be so easy!

First Place Prizes

Second place winner will receive a 6 month Pro Subscription to Raven and an official RavenHunt t-shirt. We’ll also be giving out RavenHunt shirts to 3rd-10th place finishers.

RavenHunt II Format

With all of these awesome prizes, we just had to make things a little more challenging for you guys. There will be TWO clues each day. The first clue will be carried out the same way they were last time: you’re given the name of a major blog where you’ll be required to solve a riddle to determine where the clue is hidden on that blog. Remember, there will be a link you are looking for which will have special instructions.

Matt Cutts Stress BallThe second clue will be hidden on a Raven property (our website or somewhere we actively contribute). You’ll find instructions on how to get the riddle for that clue when you find the first clue. Make sure you are following the @RavenTools Twitter account! You’ll need to in order to get the second riddle!

Bonus Prize!

The first five people to find today’s RavenHunt clue and follow the instructions on the clue page will win a Matt Cutts stress ball!

Good luck everyone and make sure you are following our Facebook page and Twitter account to play!

UPDATE: The first clue has been released!

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