#Ravenchat guest Joe Hall on debauchery, Walmart and his most hated TV show

#Ravenchat guest Joe Hall on debauchery, Walmart and his most hated TV show

If you’ve been in the Internet marketing industry for a while, chances are you’ve heard of writer, marketer and consultant Joe Hall.

Whether you’ve seen him speak at a conference, read his writing on Marketing Pilgrim or his own blog or had the good luck to spend some time with him in person, you might know that he’s smart, outspoken and a lot of fun.

That’s why all us Ravens are delighted to have him as our first guest at our inaugural 2012 #Ravenchat on Twitter Jan. 25 at 3 pm CST (GMT-6). We hosted the first chat last November, and it was a great success. This year, we’re taking it monthly and adding an Internet marketing VIP each month as our special guest.

To help you get to know Joe better, we turned to what is now a time-tested Raven tradition. Yes, we dug up the trusty Vanity Fair Proust questionnaire and asked Joe to be the first non-Raven ever to pick out 10 questions to answer.

As you’ll see, he treated the privilege very seriously. And he’s not so good at counting.

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
    Family, friends, hot seafood, cold drinks, T-shirts, hats, coffee, good books, good art, music, poetry, money, list-writing.
  2. Which historical figure do you most identify with?
    If you mix the short stature, debauchery, and art obsessions of Toulouse-Lautrec with the innovative thoughts and slight misanthropic tendencies of Nikola Tesla, you get Joe Hall.
  3. What is the trait you most deplore in others?
    Voluntary ignorance.
  4. What do you most value in your friends?
    Paying bar tabs.
  5. What is your favorite journey?
    U.S. Route 301 in South Carolina. Stay on this road long enough and you are bound to hit the most amazing roadside attraction ever. (Ed. guess: South of the Border?)
  6. What is your most treasured possession?
    My father once gave me medals that he got for serving in the Navy during Vietnam. It was a very emotional moment for my dad. I didn’t have anything to display them in, so I went to Walmart and found this amazing wood frame for like $14.99! So I guess I would say that frame is my most treasured possession, I mean only 14.99 for a real wood frame, you can’t beat a price like that!
  7. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
    Loyalty. I really started succeeding in life when I started turning my back on people. It’s been great!
  8. Which living person do you most despise?
    At the moment the entire cast of NBC’s Whitney. Just make it stop already.
  9. Which talent would you most like to have?
    My sisters are both world class musicians and often remind me that I am the farthest thing from being that. So I wish I could for once wow them with some kind of musical brilliance.
  10. What is your current state of mind?
    Partially hung over, and thirsty.
  11. What is your favorite occupation?
    Running 22 Media LLC.
  12. What is your most marked characteristic?
    Probably my humor, but also I flipped my chair over in 6th grade and broke my nose. So If you actually look you will see my nose is very crooked.

Intrigued yet?

We’ll talk with Joe – and you! – about Internet marketing trends, SEO predictions for 2012, and lots more. Heck, maybe even why Whitney sucks so much. Go ahead and follow Joe on Twitter, then follow the #Ravenchat hashtag Jan. 25 at 3 pm CST (GMT-6). Hope to chat with you then!