Raven Wrap-Up: August 2013

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Raven Wrap-Up: August 2013

Can you believe August is nearly over? It was a very big month for us Ravens – we finally revealed our new look and navigation and our new rankings tool. Then we celebrated with GIFs, of course.

Customers really seem to like the changes! Want to make sure you get briefed on everything that’s new? Read our FAQ, then join us at one of our many Raven Q&A sessions or Raven 101 walkthroughs each week to see these and our 30+ other Internet marketing tools in action.

Who’s talking about Raven

Raven’s Jon Henshaw on the ‘Art of SEO’

The kind folks at Ambassador interviewed our very own “wild-eyed” Chief Marketing Officer, Jon Henshaw.

Read what Jon has to say about SEO for ecommerce, common SEO problems and how to please both humans and robots in this wide-ranging discussion.

Win the Web podcast

Boy, do we love the guys behind the Win the Web podcast. Hosts Andrew Germer and Alan Bush recently featured Raven Tools in the “Toolshed” segment of their online marketing program and had many great things to say about Raven’s return to rankings.

We’ve cued up the video to start at the Toolshed segment, but the whole podcast is worth a listen. Thanks, guys!

Press release love

We did it, guys! We wrote “The Funniest + Best Press Release Ever Published in the History of Everything.” Well, at least according to Dustin Verburg of Page One Power. Here’s what he had to say:

Behind every great product, though, there is a great press release. Actually, that’s a total lie. Most press releases are garbage. But this press release will have you in a state of unstable hyperlol or I’ll eat my hat. Just read it!

Read more from Dustin over on our sister blog, Squawk – he’s a pretty smart dude.

A few more mentions

Most popular blog posts this month

To wrap it up, here are the posts readers visited and shared most on our blog this month. If you missed them, catch up now!

Rankings Compared: Scraped Rankings vs Average Rankings

All rankings aren’t created equal. In this post, we compare rankings from Google Webmaster Tools to data from scraped sources, including pros and cons for each.

Evolution of a Press Release Freak Out

Press releases, links and Google drama – oh my. Catch up on the whole back story and learn how to use press releases now in our recap.

Before You Say Content One More Time, Listen

Guest poster Anthony Pensabene (aka Content Muse) of Skyrocket SEO knocked this post out of the park. Find tools, techniques and strategies for developing great content just by listening to your audience.

What It’s Like When Your Marketing Software Changes

Because everybody loves GIFs…

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Courtney Seiter wrangled a smart, savvy community of Internet marketers as Raven's first Community Manager. She moved on from Raven in January 2014, but her social media and writing advice stands the test of time.

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