Did you know? How to adjust your Website Settings

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Did you know? How to adjust your Website Settings

One of the most neglected portions of Raven by users is the one that should be embraced almost above all other: Website Settings. This is a magical place where you can take care of a myriad of options that affect the Website you’re working with. Once you discover this section, your life will never be the same (an awesome exaggeration, but you may indeed feel that way).

How to use Website Settings

Underneath the Site tab, you’ll find Website Settings. Within this area you can change the description of your website; set your AdWords, timezone, research and PDF preferences; and move a website to another Profile. You can also delete a Website from this area.


If you’re working with a long URL, it might overlap with report names on a PDF report. To remedy this problem, we created the details section. You can now enter any name or other description for the Website you’re working with to prevent report runover.

AdWords preferences

There are many places where Google AdWords data is integrated in Raven, including Keyword Manager, SERP Tracker and AdWords Research tool. Set AdWords preferences here, and Raven will carry over all aspects of this data for the particular website you’re working with.


Time zone preferences

In the Twitter and Facebook tools, you have the option to schedule posts. Your time zone preferences will dictate exactly when those scheduled posts will go out.

Research preferences

Raven’s Research Assistant is built on a third-party database from SEMRush. They have several different countries of origin for you to select when doing your research.

PDF preferences

Reporting on keywords with different characters? If you find your PDFs not rendering language properly, you can choose your default here to solve the problem.


And finally…

Need to move a website to a different Profile, or delete it all together? That can be done directly from the bottom of the Website Settings.

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