Raven Training Session: Site Finder & Backlink Explorer

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Raven Training Session: Site Finder & Backlink Explorer

With the holiday in the States yesterday, this is very short notice, but I just wanted to remind everyone about our weekly webinar series. Today, Taylor will be tackling Site Finder & Backlink Explorer, and he and I will both be on hand to answer your questions following the walkthrough of the tools.

If you do any sort of linkbuilding, Site Finder & Backlink Explorer can cut down hours, even days worth of research you need to do to find relevant websites. Join us at 3pm CST (signup form) for a comprehensive walkthrough of these robust tools, and if you have any questions you’d like Taylor to tackle, feel free to shoot us an email with the question.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be doing walkthroughs of our Link Manager, and SERP Tracker. Have a tool in the system you’d like us to do a webinar on? Please let me know!

Look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon at the webinar!

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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