Raven Tools’ top 10 blog posts of 2011

Raven Tools’ top 10 blog posts of 2011

At the end of the year, most of us spend at least a few minutes reflecting on the highs and lows of the past 12 months. But here at Raven Tools, we’re best at reflection when it takes the form of metrics and reports. So we ran the numbers on our top 10 most popular blog posts of 2011. If you missed any of them, read on and catch up.


The resources

We love creating useful resource guides and lists, so it was great to see lots of our “ultimate lists” series in the top 10. Let us know what list you’d like to see next!

The Google+ news

It’s no surprise that Internet marketers were interested in news about this year’s new social media channel, Google+. We did lots of experimenting (and even a little investigative reporting) in the early days of its arrival.

The tools post

We’re a tool company, and occasionally (OK, often) we just like to gush about how much we love a particular tool. Jon’s post “Evernote is my everything” falls under this category, and the sentiment was clearly shared by lots of you.

The think piece

Sometimes a post just captures a feeling we’re all having but no one has quite put a name on yet. Everyone at Raven knew Joe Hall‘s post “How I became a postmodern SEO” struck this chord as soon as we read it. If you missed this one, seriously go read it.

The how-to’s

When we try something new that turns out to be a success, we want to share it with you. Our posts on converting the Raven blog comment system to Facebook comments and adding a Google +1 button to our site were popular examples of this.

So there you have it: Raven’s greatest hits of 2011! We’ll be bringing you even more great content (why not write a guest blog for us?) and, of course, new Raven Tools goodies, in 2012.

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