SEO metrics that matter: A Raven Tools Hangout recap


SEO metrics that matter: A Raven Tools Hangout recap

Missed Raven’s recent Google Hangout on Air about the SEO metrics that matter? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In the recording below, you’ll see that panelists Jon Henshaw, AJ Kohn, Demian Farnworth, David Harry, Steven Shattuck, Max Minzer, Annie Cushing and I had a lively discussion about SEO metrics, Google algorithm changes, and  their favorite pet metrics for a marketing edge.

Some moments to look out for:

At 1:30, hear all about Penguin 2.0 and Google algorithm changes
At 10:00, the panel discusses where Google is headed
At 11:20 and 19:30, hear David Harry swear :)
At 25:23, find out what makes AJ Kohn want to tell clients to shut up
At 26:00, hear our panel discuss search queries data
At 37:20, hear Demian Farnworth talk about the content metrics that Copyblogger measures
At 41:40, learn about Annie Cushing’s data-focused SEO approach
At 58:20, learn a (not provided) workaround
At 1:01:30, hear the panel’s thoughts about Authorship and personas

If you only want to hear the audio from the hangout (you’ll be missing out on David Harry’s awesome business casual look), we uploaded it for you to Soundcloud.

Even more metrics that matter

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