Raven releases new Unity UI

Raven releases new Unity UI

Today, we are excited and proud to debut Raven’s new user interface, “Unity.”

The Raven platform has been growing up, and it finally became time for our user interface (UI) to do the same. For the past few years, we have added dozens of new features (most by customer request), but in some cases had to force those updates into strange places. Unity addresses those problems, better organizes the tools and prepares the Raven platform for our product road map.

We called the new design Unity because it brings all of our tools and settings together into a common and predictable interface. This has been one of the largest projects we’ve ever worked on. The Unity update touches every single page of the Raven Internet Marketing Tools platform, and it has taken several months to design and code into the system.

We love it.

What to know: a transition guide

Each tool works just as it did previously, but the platform is better organized, less cluttered and easier to use. Alison Groves, Raven’s user experience manager, has highlighted Raven’s major changes for current customers:

New navigation

The first thing you’ll notice is the new navigation.

Websites and Profiles are in drop-down menus in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, Websites on top and Profiles below. Add new Websites and new Profiles from the links in these drop-down menus.

Website and Profile Navigation

Next, we grouped tools that belong together into sections.

Raven Navigation

We removed the drop-down menu for the tool lists. Right now, you have to click on the section and then click the tool you want, if isn’t the default tool for that section. In the near future we will be implementing a new feature called Predictive Navigation that will make navigating the platform more efficient (Predictive Navigation wasn’t ready at launch time).

This is the breakdown of tools that have moved into new groups (the Research, Content, Social and Reports groups remain the same):

  • Site:
  • “Site” refers to overall Internet marketing campaign tools for any Website you’re working with. The Keyword Manager, Competitor Manager, Event Manager, Tag Manager and all Website settings moved here.

  • SEO:SEO” refers to any tools you use for SEO management. The Link Manager, Contact Manager, Site Finder, Backlink Explorer and Website Directory tools moved here.
  • Metrics: “Metrics” refers to analytics tools for any type of Internet marketing campaign. Google Analytics, SERP Tracker (Rankings) and Email analytics tools moved here.

Finally, to go to the Dashboard, just click on the star icon.

Easier reporting and data exporting

As we added new features to Raven in the past, we often put links to those features at the bottom of the tool page…mainly because we had nowhere else to put them. Now, tool features have been moved to the top right hand corner of every tool. Each feature has an icon.

Link Manager Setting Icons

You’ll notice that sometimes a particular tool has two feature icons, while another tool may have four or five. Hover over the icon to find out exactly what it is, and click on the icon for a drop-down menu with more options.

Where are my settings and inbox and tasks?!

Main user settings and system settings (formerly known as Admin settings) have moved into the gear icon at the top right hand corner of every Raven page. Click on the gear icon for a drop-down menu.

Raven Settings

Remember, settings for individual Websites live in Site > Settings.

Also, you’ll notice that next to the gear icon are icons for your Raven Inbox and Tasks.

Need help?

To read more any particular tool, click on the question mark icon. Find something that’s not working quite right or want help from the support team? Just click on the quote bubble icon, and your note will come straight to us.

Submit Feedback

We have planned three walkthrough webinars for tomorrow, April 26, 2011. Jon Henshaw, Raven’s director of product innovation, will take you through the system step by step. Register now for the 9 a.m., 3 p.m. or 6 p.m. CDT (GMT-5) webinars!

We welcome all feedback about these changes. We’re staffed and ready to help you work through this transition—simply email support@raventools.com. And if you just want to drop us a love letter, rave on Twitter or share this news on Facebook, we’ll take that, too!

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.