Raven Power Users: Team Project Management

Raven Power Users: Team Project Management

The word “team” seems ever expanding in today’s business world. Whether you’re an independent consultant, an in-house marketer or work at an agency, you have one common need: collaboration. And that’s really what a team is, isn’t it? It’s a group of people collaborating toward a common objective. That might include anyone from the clients or bosses you’re doing the work for to the interns who are helping you do some of the more monotonous tasks associated with Internet marketing.

The problem with collaboration is how tricky managing it can become. Being able to efficiently share the most up-to-date information is critical. No matter what your “team” situation may be, Raven is designed to enhance collaboration. Let’s look at a few ways you can use Raven to manage your team.

User and Role Manager

With Raven, you can create two types of users: sub-users and read-only users. Sub-users can actually use the toolset (e.g., add links to the Link Manager). Read-only users (which you have an unlimited amount of) can look at any tool(s) you give them access to so they can stay in the loop. Have an inquisitive boss/client who’s always wanting to know what their latest ranking is? No problem. Set up read-only access for them so they can log in and check their rankings at their convenience.

Role Manager

But what if you are managing multiple Websites and you want to control access to those Websites and the data within them? With Raven’s Role Manager you can customize both sub-user and read-only user access rights. Let’s say you just hired an intern for the spring semester to help you with link building. They don’t need access to all of Raven’s toolset. Instead, you can give them access to just the link building tools and the keywords you’re targeting. Everything else can be turned off (or given read-only permission).

You can also grant both user types access to specific Websites and Profiles in your accounts. That way you don’t have clients seeing each others’ data (and you can keep your personal and business projects separate).

Streamlined communication

Messaging and notifications

One of the features many Raven users overlook is contextual messaging. Ever run a report, sort a few columns and edit the data to get it just the way you want it, only to realize you need to send it to a co-worker? Instead of taking a screenshot or writing out how you set up the report, you can quickly use Raven’s contextual messaging system to share your customized view. All they will need to do is click the link within the message you sent them and Raven will build the report exactly how you set it up.

Contextual Messaging

Additionally, Raven comes complete with time-saving notifications: link monitoring, social mentions and Textbroker alerts. Link monitoring alerts can quickly notify you of a status change of any link you’ve set up. Whether the anchor text of the link changed, it was moved or anything else affected the value of that link, we’ll let you know so you don’t have to spend time checking it yourself.

Task management

Raven’s task management system makes it easy for you to assign and monitor the status of tasks for your team members. You can set due dates, priorities and even assign specific links for your team to acquire. You can also connect Raven to your Basecamp account to ensure all of your tasks and projects are in sync.

Avoiding duplicate work

One of the problems with storing your link building information in an Excel spreadsheet is how hard it is to share up-to-date files with the rest of your team. Next thing you know, you have multiple team members contacting the same person for a link. When link building with Raven, we’ll automatically check your account to see if you or anyone on your team has ever contacted that website before. We’ll let you know how many links you have from them, who on your team is connected to them and any contact information you have stored for that website.

Link Record

Raven has a full Contact Manager and Website Directory that your entire team can access. We keep contact and website records up to date with every link you request and any contact information you add to the system (or have us find for you using the Find Contacts feature.

Progress reports

Keep your team up to date with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reports. Setting up progress reports for rankings, link summaries, social mentions, email marketing and your analytics data is a quick and easy way to ensure everyone knows the progress of their campaign.