Raven Power Users: Better link building

Raven Power Users: Better link building

Link building, one of the most important parts of an SEO campaign, also takes some of the most time. From creating content to finding the best websites for links, it’s neither easy nor budget-friendly. One of the goals of Raven is to reduce time users have to invest in the link building process. We try to do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on building better links faster.

For users already familiar with Raven’s link building tools, here are a couple of ways you can take Raven’s link building power to the next level.

Let Raven discover new links for you

Ever run into the situation where you released a piece of link bait and wanted to keep track of all of the links that were built off of it? Well, other than keeping an eye on your trackbacks, or already being aware of where a requested link was accepted, it’s hard to stay on top of it. Luckily, Raven can help.

Auto Link Discovery

If you set up your Raven account to pull in your Google Analytics data, there is a setting that you can turn on to have Raven automatically import links into the Link Manager. We’ll check to make sure the link doesn’t already exist, and if it doesn’t, we’ll create a link record and categorize it as an Organic Link. This way, you’ll really be able to keep track of the types of links your latest piece of link bait has generated. To set this up, hover over the Analytics tab and choose “Google Analytics Settings.” Next, check the box that says “Auto-Import.”

Easily keep track of link relationships

When working with a team of link builders, it’s important that the team communicate as well as possible. It’s far too easy to duplicate work accidentally or forget who knows who for each website. Raven solves both of those issues.

Firefox Toolbar

Link Record Check

If you use the Raven Firefox Toolbar to add links to the Link Manager, Raven automatically checks to see if someone else on your team has already added a link from that website to the system (that’s for your entire account, not just an individual Profile). Raven will let you know which profile and user set it up. That way, you can either move on if the link has already been requested or queued, or you can assign the link to the team member who has already established a connection with the website owner.

Website Directory

Website Directory

Another way to avoid duplicate work is to look up websites in the Website Directory. Raven keeps track of every website you’ve added to your account and stores them in the directory. Just search for the website you’re interested in, and Raven will fill you in on:

  • Its quality score
  • Its basic metrics, including mozRank, inbound link counts and number of pages indexed
  • Any links (active, requested, declined, inactive—anything) that are associated with the website
  • Who the contact is for that website (and helps to look for contacts)
  • Who on your team is connected to that contact

Monitor the status of the links you’ve built

Worried that someone might back out of a backlink deal? Raven can keep you updated on anything that might affect the value of a link you set up. The system will let you know if they move the link, change the anchor text, add more links to the page, if the mozRank changes—anything that might compromise the value of your link.

Link Monitoring

Additionally, you can turn link monitoring on for links that you’ve requested. There are multiple places to turn on link monitoring in the Link Manager; you can edit an individual link record or select several links and choose “Add Link Monitoring” from the drop-down menu. Once a month, Raven will check to see if the link has become Active and automatically will update the link record to reflect the status change. That way, you don’t have to spend your time constantly checking to see if the link you requested was set up.

Find contacts

Last week, Raven released the Find Contacts feature, which finds the best person for you to contact about a link. No more having to mine a website trying to find an e-mail address! The system checks a variety of sources (not just the site’s WhoIS record) and returns up to ten different contact options for you, sorted by relevancy.

Discover new links social and forum tools

Struggling to find new links to target? In addition to Raven’s Site Finder and Backlink Explorer, you can take advantage of the Social Monitor tool to find new link building opportunities. I’d recommend setting up custom monitor searches that only look at blogs for mentions of your competitor’s name, your top keywords, and of course, your product and company names.

Another great place to find linking opportunities is via the Forum Search tool. Through Raven’s integration of Omgili, you can perform searches for your top keywords, competitor and your brand names and find forum threads that mention those terms. These are great opportunities for you to find communities to begin participating in (and dropping a link here or there when relevant).

Monitor the impact of key links

Want to show off the ROI of your link building work? Use Raven’s Event Manager, to plot events where key links were put in place and measure the impact they had on your rankings, traffic and even your conversions. This is a great way to show off to clients or your management team that the link building work you’re doing is generating results.

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