Raven partner spotlight: uberVU

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In this 24/7 world of social media, knowing when someone mentions you – either positively or negatively – is paramount.

Staying on top of all the mentions of your brand can help you preserve one of your most important assets: your reputation.

That’s where Raven’s social intelligence partner UberVU comes in. Let’s take a closer look at this powerful data source for social media monitoring.

At a glance

Data partner: UberVU

Category: Social

What it does: Scours the social web and returns insights and key conversations of tracked key phrases and topics

Where you’ll find it: Social Monitor (Social > Monitor) and Social Stream (Social > Stream)

What else it connects to: Add mentions to Link Manager and tasks to Task Manager

Get to know uberVU

Scanning the social web is no simple task, but uberVU helps internet marketers easily gather data from 21 different social data sources in a ton of different languages to get a comprehensive view of the conversation online. The best part? You get all of the data in real time.

Get started with uberVU

To access uberVU’s data in Raven, first set up a Social Monitor search. Let’s set up a search for Nashville’s hockey team, the Nashville Predators.

Social Monitor

We’ll navigate to Social Monitor and select “New Search”. From there, we can add the terms or terms we want to monitor. Get all the details on setting up the best Social Monitor search here.


In the advanced tab of Social Monitor, we can turn on daily alerts and narrow our search even further by changing the language, narrowing down the sentiment of the mentions and even limiting the search to just a certain reach.


It can take up to an hour for Raven to connect with uberVU, crawl the web and pull down those initial mentions. Then you’ll see all of the mentions, along with metrics across the top.

uberVU automatically assigns a sentiment of positive, neutral or negative to each mention, so it’s easy to get a quick idea of how you’re being mentioned.


From an individual mention, we can quickly see the post on the web, add a link to the Link Manager, assign a task, hide the mention or ignore entire domains for better searching. We can also change the sentiment by clicking on the positive, neutral or negative buttons.


Social Stream

uberVU is also a social intelligence contributor in the Social Stream, a social media inbox of any Twitter accounts you’ve authorized, Facebook pages you’re managing, and Social Monitor searches. With the data coming in real-time, you’ll always be alerted when there’s something new.


Want to just see your Social Monitor searches? Select that under “Services.”


Or take it a step further and select “Custom Source” at the end of the Quickviews list. Then jump on over to the Monitor tab, and select the searches you want to view together. You’ll see mentions come through in real-time for all of the terms your monitoring. It’s a great shortcut for reputation management or even customer service.


Good to know

Pro accounts get 20 Social Monitor searches a month, and Agency users get 50. Need some extra? That’s just $2.50 and $2 per additional search for each account type, respectively.