Raven New Users: Research Assistant uses

Raven New Users: Research Assistant uses

Raven’s Research Assistant is one of the most versatile tools in the toolset. Like many of Raven’s tools, the goal of the Research Assistant is to combine multiple data sources into one tool. The Research Assistant pulls data from SEMRush, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and SEOmoz. Instead of having to use each of those tools individually, you now can combine the data sources to get the most complete research data.

Let’s take a look at the many ways you can use the Research Assistant.

Keyword research

Keyword Research

The most obvious use of the Research Assistant is for keyword research. Using the Research Assistant’s Keyword search, you can enter in any keyword or keyword phrase and the Research Assistant will report on traffic metrics for that particular keyword (including trending data).

Additionally, the Research Assistant will provide you with additional keyword recommendations, separated into two categories:

  1. Matching Keywords: Keywords that include either the singular or plural form of the keyword you are researching
  2. Related Keywords: Keywords that are similar in topic to the keyword you are researching

You can also use the Domain Research search to analyze a domain for keyword recommendations. That brings us to our next use of the Research Assistant tool.

Sales tool

Domain Research

The Domain Research search can also be used as a sales tool. Before heading into your latest pitch, run the potential client’s domain through the Research Assistant. The Research Assistant will help you determine:

  • What keywords they are targeting
  • Where they rank for the keywords they are targeting
  • The estimated search volume for those keywords
  • What keywords they are bidding on via pay per click
  • Who their top competitors are
  • SEO quality indicators: Domain Authority, Page Authority, mozRank and mozTrust

You can even save the results of your search and generate a white-labeled PDF report to hand over to them, so they can see for themselves the type of research you’ve done on their domain.

Competitor analysis

The Domain Research search can also help you analyze what your top competitors are targeting, the strength of their SEO efforts, and other potential keywords.

This tool is especially useful when it comes to analyzing competitors and related websites for keyword ideas. You can easily add keywords you find to Raven’s Keyword Manager and/or SERP Tracker when you find good keyword opportunities.