Raven Launches New Dashboard & Companion iOS App for iPhone and iPad

Raven Launches New Dashboard & Companion iOS App for iPhone and iPad

Raven Dashboard
Raven iPhone and iPad Application

We’re very excited to announce our summer surprise. Today we’re introducing a new Dashboard for Raven, and a companion Raven iOS app for iPhone and iPad!

The Raven Dashboard and iOS app for iPhone and iPad, provides a customizable dashboard for all of the website campaigns you’re managing in Raven. You can use it to check the status of any campaign, which includes data from site analytics, rank checking results, link building progress, social mentions, and goal conversions.

Features of Raven’s Dashboard

Add Modules

The Raven Dashboard allows you to choose the modules you want to display for each website. You can click and drag them to the left or right column, and also resort them above or below other modules.

Add Module to Dashboard

Drill Down to Views and Reports

Clicking on data in the module will take you to the tool and page that’s related to that data. For example, if you click on a website referrer in the Google Analytics module, you will be taken to a detailed view related to that referrer.

Module to Tool

Features of Raven’s iOS App for iPhone and iPad

The Raven iOS app for iPhone and iPad is a true companion for the new Raven Dashboard. The iOS app is a dashboard on-the-go. For example, you can add, resort, and remove modules on Raven’s Dashboard, or the iOS app, and they will automatically sync up with each other. Here are a few of the key modules that come with the Raven iOS app.

Google Analytics Summary - Raven iPhone App

Analytics Summaries

The Raven iOS app gives you access to important analytics reports at your fingertips. You’ll be able to view a summary report of your website’s analytics activity, referrer metrics, keywords and even goals that you’ve setup in your GA profile. If you’d like to explore any of the analytics data further, you can tap the data in the module and the app will automatically log you into the Web app, and display the related data.

Ranking Reports

We all have clients and management who seem to want ranking reports at the strangest time. For example, what if you’re on a client call, and they want to know how their site is performing organically in search engines? Now you can launch the iOS app, and have immediate access to the Ranking Summary report. You can also quickly access your full ranking report by tapping the arrow in the upper right corner of the Ranking Summary module.

Link Building Reports

Gain quick insight into the number and type of links your team has created for a website campaign. This can come in handy, particularly when you’re in a meeting with a client, and you need to give them a quick breakdown of your link building efforts. With the Raven iOS app, you can give them a quick glance of your efforts right from your iPhone or iPad.

Social Mention Summary

Get an instant overview of social media mentions for all the searches you’re tracking in Raven. You’ll see a snapshot of the Buzz graph, and and the number of total mentions. You can quickly explore results for a social mention search, by tapping on the keyword phrase.

The Raven iOS app is free, but requires that you have an active account. This is our first version, and we have many enhancements planned for future updates.

Download Raven App from App Store

Win a Pass to PubCon!

PubConAs a special bonus, the first 100 people to access their Raven account from the new application will be entered into a drawing to win a free pass to PubCon in Las Vegas this November where Raven will be the Gold Sponsor of the event.

  • http://www.wordsgohere.com timothyn

    This is awesome! The dashboard is well done and has already made my morning data review easier. Took only seconds to get setup. The ability to organize the dashboard layout is a nice touch.

    As for the app, my work quality of life just improved… can’t wait for the questions from the C-levels during meetings where I’ll just be able to look up the answer from my phone. The app is super intuitive, surprisingly fast for the amount of data its pulling across, and quite elegant.

    Great work and thanks for the continuous improvements to Raven.

  • http://metamarketer.com/ Kate O’Neill

    Very exciting! We’ve been wanting something like the dashboard for quite a while, and it probably goes without saying that the iPhone/iPad app will get put to good use. Thanks for such a great summer surprise!

  • http://raventools.com Jon Henshaw

    @Timothy that’s exactly why we made it. Really happy you like it!

    @Kate I’m very happy to hear that you’ll get some good use out of it :) Enjoy!

  • Dana DiTomaso

    I just picked up my iPad on Sunday, I am really looking forward to trying this app out!

  • http://diapmedia.com/ TJ

    First you were the best web based platform for us. Now there’s an app too? Just logged in and loving the easy mobile access. Thanks!

  • http://hammock.com Megan

    This is great!! I can definitely see this app getting a lot of use.

  • Virginia

    We use Raven SEO on a daily basis and been very pleased with it until yesterday when, for some reason, the system stopped checking rankings. This is a huge problem for our company as part of our monthly reports to clients are based on the data Raven SEO provides.

    Looking at this post and noticing that there’ve been great changes on the site (new dashboard!), I wonder if this has got anything to do with the problems we’ve been experiencing in the last two days. We’ve contacted support by email and also sent a separate message reporting a possible bug. However, we haven’t heard anything yet and we really need to know what’s going on.

    I’m looking forward to trying out the iPhone app! but it would be great to know what’s going on with the ranking check tool :-/

    • http://raventools.com Taylor Pratt

      Hi Virginia,

      Sorry about the problems you are having with the SERP Tracker. We were aware of the issue and it should be resolved. Shoot me an email at taylor@raventools.com and we can investigate the issue further.

  • Virginia

    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for your quick response! I’ll send you an email explaining the problem 😉

  • Aurel Wong

    Nice app. I will try it out as soon as I get my iPhone 4.

  • Sam Park

    Unfortunately, the iPhone/iPad app has not been updated since 2011 and no longer works after the recent changes to Raven. Back when the app worked, it was a nice simple way to view a few stats. However, I really wish Raven would build an app worthy of their product because it could be awesome.

    • RavenCourtney

      Hi Sam,
      I hear you. There’s so much stuff we want to do at Raven and we have definitely not had the app at the top of our list in a long while. I can’t say for certain when that will change, but I will definitely make your request known. Thanks for commenting.

      • Sam D. Park

        Now that the Raven app has been removed from the App Store, are there any plans to build a new one?

        • Arienne Holland

          Sam, you’re right — we do need an app worthy of Raven.

          That’s why our plans are to build a fully responsive Raven tool, something that is platform agnostic so you can look at it whether you’re on a phone, a tablet, a browser, etc.

          We don’t have a timeline for that, but we are in the process of upgrading features (such as reports) with that in mind.