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Raven Introduces Enterprise Account

Sometimes growth takes you by surprise. I remember back in September, 2008, when we launched the Agency account. We created the account due to high demand, and signups by agencies and in-house marketing departments skyrocketed. While we thought our three main accounts would be sufficient – Solo, Pro, and Agency – we’ve seen seen our existing customers outgrow the Agency account, and new customers approach us with greater needs.

For the past several months we’ve been working closely with several large agencies and in-house marketing departments to create new features, and an account level that would best fit their needs.

If you’ve been following our New Raven Feature blog entries, then you may have noticed new features like our enhanced profile access rights and profile limits. Those features are directly related to the advanced needs of larger agencies and enterprise-level clients.

Enterprise Account

Based on high demand, we’re excited to announce our new Enterprise account. The new account comes with significantly more users, ranking results, and data allowances. It also has the lowest overage fees we’ve ever offered, and includes the ability to have a white label version of Raven with your own domain, without any extra fees. Coupled with our new access rights, profile limits, and combined reporting updates, the Enterprise account is perfect for larger teams.

We Build Pages

Jim Boykin is one of the most well known link builders and Internet marketers in the industry. After much research, his company, We Build Pages, chose Raven’s Enterprise account to help manage their Internet marketing campaigns.

After signing up, he emailed me about why We Build Pages chose Raven. He was kind enough to give me permission to publish it on our site. Here’s the message he sent me:

Hi Jon,

I wanted to let you know that after several months of testing Raven, and comparing your tools with several competitors, we’ve decided to use Raven across all our clients sites. We should have all the clients entered shortly.

I’m really very impressed with these tools, the control panel, the reports, and the customer service at Raven.

These tools have helped us in many ways. A few of these ways include: having the ability to easily find and add keyword phrases, and the ability to track them over time. We also use your tools to track competitors, and to monitor what they’re doing. On the social media side, the Persona Manager and the Media Monitor have been a great help with tracking client company names, and company people in the social media space.

But, one of the biggest selling points of Raven, is the ability to access our clients’ Google Analytics accounts through Raven. Since we work with multiple clients, I’ve always been weary of accessing any client’s Google account from our IP address. I’ve seen Google group sites together that were accessed through the same IP and I was always afraid that if we had a client who did something wrong, and we accessed their account, and some other client’s account, they might tie those two together. So I never accessed any client’s Google account.

However, since we can now access their Google Analytics account through Raven, I no longer have that fear.

I know there’s tons of other tools and uses of Raven, but these are some of my favorites that made We Build Pages turn to Raven for much of our client reporting.

Thanks Jon and the whole Raven team for creating something that we’ve rolled out to all the We Build Pages clients!

Jim Boykin

Thank you Jim!

If you’re already a current customer of Raven, you can upgrade to an Enterprise account by logging in, and going to Settings > Account Type, and clicking on the Enterprise Upgrade button. If you don’t have a Raven account, and would like to try the Enterprise account, you can signup for a free 30 day trial of our SEO Tools (no credit card required!) or see pricing and features details of Raven Tools.

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