Raven Internet Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Raven Internet Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

About a year ago, myself and two of my girlfriends volunteered to build out a site for an upstart charity in South Africa called Off The Street Kids. As we progressed through the process of launching the site, one thing became clear to us: WE know that leveraging the web is the greatest and most cost effective way for a charity to fundraise, but that aspect frequently gets swept under the rug because of time and knowledge constraints within the organization. While these nonprofits work so hard to spread their message and raise funds for their causes, we know they could use some help in maximizing their outreach on the web.

To show our support for nonprofits, we’re going to be giving away ten basic Raven accounts to worthy nonprofits along with some Internet marketing tips and help utilizing Raven to assist them in getting the most out of their web marketing and fundraising efforts. We know there are many, many worthy organizations out there, and we’d love your help in finding them. So if there are any nonprofits that you support, or if you are a nonprofit yourself, we’d love for you to nominate them, or yourself, for one year of free access to Raven Tools.

It is our hope that with Raven, these organizations will be able to utilize many items in the toolset to help maximize their fundraising efforts:

  • Keyword research to ensure they are targeting the right terms for search
  • The link manager to help further their PR outreach
  • Social tools to keep tabs on their ever important social media presence
  • The SERP tracker so they can focus on rankings and being found in search

With this bevy of tools at their service, we are optimistic that these entities can boost their online presence, better manage their marketing campaigns, and see greater results in both conversions and fundraising.

If you’d like to nominate a worthy organization or would like to submit your own for consideration, please fill out our form and we’ll be going through all of the entries shortly (deadline for entry is May 28). And please spread the word! This isn’t limited to non-profits stateside, but anywhere around the world.

  • Kofi

    Hi there,
    This is incredible. It is excellent news for many small nonprofits struggling to get financial help to support desparate people – both children and adults.

    I was in the the upper management of the nonprofit world for well over 20 years and have now upon my retirement dedicatted part of my tme to helping such organisations cut themselves loose.

    Not being quite internet literate, ( although i can understand thheir potential) I will appreciate in plain language exactly how you intend to help these agencies.

    Kind regards, Kofi

  • Tim Protecto

    What a noble gesture indeed! I know of a non-profit organisation who could sure use these resources, I have sent them word. Hopefully, word gets also spread to those who can profit of this action most/best.

  • http://www.flirtfair.mx/coger Tania Coger

    It is great to promote charity for helping others who need it and definitely increasing presence in the online world incorporating tools with the purpose of pushing and promoting your website. And of course the idea of helping others to increase fundraising sounds good.

  • Jean

    Hi, I was interested in nominating the non profit I work for… I bookmarked the page yesterday and just tried to bring it up to show my supervisor but it’s gone! All I’m getting is a 404 error. The deadline isn’t for another two weeks, so I wondering if it was just a glitch and you were still taking applications. Could you let me know because I’d love to take part!

  • http://raventools.com Taylor Pratt

    Hi Jean,

    Sorry about page not loading. We just moved our site to a new domain and are working on getting the page functional again. I’ll post as soon as it’s live. Thanks for your patience!

  • http://raventools.com Taylor Pratt

    Hey Jean – Looks like we got it up and running! Please let us know if you have any problems.

  • Jean

    Excellent! Thank you :)

  • http://www.rapchristian.com James Scaggs

    Is the non profit promo still open? I’m an SEO Engineer by day, and we use Raven tools at our agency, but I’d love to have access for the non profit I run from home by night.

    Check out http://www.RapChristian.com and let me know if I can qualify please.