Raven hires two new Ones

Raven hires two new Ones

The One Who’ll Write A Novel About Us Someday

Nate Baker of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Nate Baker should up the style quotient at Raven by an exponential factor of, like, 39. For example, he wears cologne.

Nate Baker has joined Raven Internet Marketing Tools as a user support specialist. Baker has more than three years of support experience and six years of web design experience. He previously worked as a director of technical support at Sitemason.

“Nate is responsible for customer support issues that need development work,” said User Experience Manager Alison Groves. “Either he’ll fix the issue himself, or ride a developer’s ass until it gets done.”

For more insight, I asked Nate to pick out 10 questions to answer from the famous Proust questionnaires:

  1. What is your principle defect? It’s typical for a single tear to run down my cheek during inopportune times. My eyes are sensitive to light and I easily tear up. Also, I’m a badass.
  2. Your favorite occupation? I’d like to pick up some rapping receptionist skills. My inspiration is Chanel of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV.
  3. Who would you have liked to be? I wouldn’t mind being spawned into the world as Internet-TV innovator Ze Frank, as he has the power to never blink.
  4. Your most marked characteristic? Inventive
  5. What do you most value in your friends? Honesty
  6. What is your favorite color? Green
  7. What would you like to be? I’d like to eventually be a fiction novelist. It’s one of the few places where you can become a demigod over your imagination rather than let your thoughts pass.
  8. What are your favorite names? My working list for future children names includes Dragon, Beast and Defenseless.
  9. What is it you most dislike? I dislike product placement with a passion.
  10. What is your favorite flower? Edelweiss, because of Sound of Music obviously.

Twitter: @RavenNate
LinkedIn: Nathan T. Baker
E-mail: nate@raventools.com

The One We’re Calling CJ

Jason West of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

We have never known anyone whose ideal natural gift would be fish gills. That's really why we hired this man.

Jason West has joined Raven Internet Marketing Tools as a developer. West has more than 16 years of software development experience and previously worked as a managing partner at Fortisworks.

“Even though we already have a developer named Jason, we hired another one because he brings experience both coding and working with growing companies,” said President Patrick Keeble. “Also, he went to school with me.”

And now for the reason CJ might end up in witness protection, and other answers from the Proust questionnaire:

  1. Where would you like to live? Nashville. I have traveled literally all the way around the world and there is nowhere I would rather live. The people are great (if a bit inept when driving in any kind of precipitation) and the weather is generally fantastic—enough of all four seasons without too much of any (this winter being the exception).
  2. What is your idea of earthly happiness? I think I came pretty close last week celebrating my birthday at Disney with my daughter, my mom, my girlfriend and my brother. There was a moment when I was holding my daughter and we were all staring up in wonderment at the fireworks—as earthly happiness goes, that will be pretty hard to beat.
  3. Your favorite musician? Lyle Lovett. I love good lyrics and his range from deeply poignant to hilariously absurd. He’s been my favorite since I first heard the line “Given that true intellectual and emotional compatibility are at the very least difficult if not impossible to come by, we could always opt for the more temporal gratification of sheer physical attraction. That wouldn’t make you a shallow person, would it?”
  4. What do you most value in your friends? Loyalty. When times get tough it quickly becomes clear who your real friends are.
  5. What is your favorite occupation? The best day of work I ever had was shotgunning simulated zombies (latex masks over melons) with my brother for a magazine article we were writing.
  6. What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes? Having to bury your child.
  7. What is it you most dislike? Rudeness. I hold that there is only one real evil in the world—rudeness. People say, “Well, what about killing people?” Killing isn’t intrinsically wrong. Let’s face it, some folks just need killin’. It’s killing people who don’t deserve it that is wrong… because it’s rude.
  8. What are your favorite names? Hovie Lister. I programmed a kiosk for the Gospel Music Hall of Fame years ago and there was a performer with that name. I don’t know why, but it cracked me up. I’ve said for years that if I ever have to go into witness protection, I want my new name to be Hovie Lister.
  9. What natural gift would you most like to possess? Gills. I love to SCUBA but it would be some much better if I didn’t have to worry about ever running out of air.
  10. What is your motto? “Always bet the irony.” For some strange reason, I can generally predict the course of events in my life by looking around and figuring out the most ironic possible outcome. That’ll be the way things play out.

LinkedIn: Jason West
E-mail: west@raventools.com

Take Vanity Fair‘s interactive Proust Questionnaire and share your answers with us on Raven’s Facebook page.

Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

  • Arienne Holland

    Nate, do you realize you work in an industry that’s all about product placement?

  • http://raventools.com Nate Baker

    *earmuffs earmuffs earmuffs*

    It can be done well of course. I just sometimes change the radio station when a rapper breaks the narrative by rapping a few too many lines out of context.

    You can’t just drop your preferred mouthwash on me without weaving me a tapestry of how you’ve got your haters on scope.

  • http://raventools.com/ Jeff Crump

    We interrupt these comments for a quick word from our sponsor.

  • http://raventools.com Nate Baker

    Also Arienne, you get extra poker chips.