Raven hires another One

Raven hires another One

A few weeks ago, Raven Internet Marketing Tools announced four new hires. Now there’s another newbie in our midst. He might be the most unique one yet.

The One Whose Favorite Food is Pad Thai

Raven Tools Hires Greg Jones

Greg Jones' home office always smells a little bit like sulfur. It's the clay, he says. We have our doubts.

Greg Jones has joined Raven Tools as a developer. Greg has 13 years of web development experience and previously worked as a PHP developer at Express Vital Records.

About Greg
Greg describes himself in one word: experimental. No, not experimental as in “experimental humanoid robot” (damn), that’s experimental as in a person who likes to try new things. That’s why this developer is also a sculptor, singer, skateboarder, wooden boat enthusiast and father. The Matrix is his favorite movie. Mr. Bungle is his favorite band. And Michaels is where he shops for fun.

“We hired Greg because we needed another developer,” said Scott Holdren, Raven Tools’ lead software engineer. “We need another one, too.”*

Contact Greg
Twitter: @RavenGJones
Email: greg@raventools.com

*Hint, hint.