Raven heads to SES London

Raven heads to SES London

In just a week’s time, Patrick Keeble, Jon Henshaw, Taylor Pratt and I will be bound for the United Kingdom and SES London. We’re all very excited to take our first Raven trip across the pond to visit all of our great UK users, and to take in a non-American conference.

If you’re attending SES, we will be manning our booth and would love for everyone to stop by and say hello. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions about Raven, to give you a quick walk through of the tools, or even to just talk about who your favorite football team is. (Jeff, our resident Arsenal supporter, sadly will not be in attendance). Who knows, we may even have something new to show off…

On Wed., Feb. 23, Raven is sponsoring THE networking party for all SES attendees. This isn’t just any party, it’s a on a boat, the HMS President on the river Thames to be exact. We’ll be there to chat with everyone and, of course, buy you a drink or two. The party is limited to the first 350 attendees, so be sure and arrive as close to 7 p.m. as you can.


If you have never met Taylor, Jon or me, these are approximations of our attractiveness. The tall, dark and handsome douchebag on the right is, of course, Jon's doppelganger. Jon unbuttons his shirt a little bit more, though.

If you aren’t attending SES London but are in the area, keep an eye on our Twitter feeds — @RavenAlison, @RavenJon and @RavenPratt — for clues to our whereabouts. We’ll likely be gathering down at the best local we can find and would love to meet up with you.

If you have any questions, or have any good suggestions for Yanks to grab a pint or two, please let me know. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • http://www.davemadethat.com Dave Delaney

    Oh man! So jealous. I’m dying to get back to London, and on the Thames! On a boat! With free drinks!!!

    You’re killing me back here in Nashville.

    But there’s this: http://nashvillewx.com/2011/02/this-week-the-warmest-string-of-days-since-november/

    Have a safe and fun trip! Visit Speaker’s Corner if you can, I love SC!

  • Jon Henshaw

    We’re still here, enjoying the most excellent weather in Nashville with you. We go next week when it’s starts to get cold again :)

  • David

    Me too, I will try I’m from spain but I have good fligths combinations to stanted airport, I will try stay there. Thank you!

  • Scot

    I only hope that @RavenAlison will be striking poses like that for the entire-duration of the event; looking totally natural, unforced and comfortable whilst @RavenPratt takes issue with @RavenJon’s 1.) lack of tailoring and, 2.) Having forgotten to bring @RavenPratt’s an iron on the flight.

    Ah, I sure hate to miss it. Have fun in London guys! -Scot

  • http://www.seo-chicks.com Lisa Myers

    We are looking forward to meeting the Raven Tools crew :) We’re going to show you how the UK SEOs roll 😉