Raven at PubCon Vegas 2010: Your Nutz photos

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Raven at PubCon Vegas 2010: Your Nutz photos

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When I found out that Raven’s PubCon Vegas party was going to be at Gilley’s Las Vegas, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. I live in Nashville and work on Music Row: I can watch old people two-stepping to George Strait or line dancing to Chattahoochie any old day. Then I heard about the mechanical bull.

Mechanical bull + alcohol + testosterone = Arienne Is Sold.

Now, whether you’re drunk or not, having the courage to bump uglies with a bronco in public — knowing full well you’re getting tossed aside when it’s over — deserves a reward. A big reward. Like Your Nutz big.

So I pitched the idea to our marketing guy Taylor Pratt, who pitched the idea to our boss man Jon Henshaw:

Your Nutz

Sean Dolan took home the top prize, advertised on Amazon as having, no joke, “the Most Mounting Options.” Ten others, including Topher Kohan, Todd Friesen and Rob Brady, won stainless steel nutz keychains.

And thanks to the good sports who posed with a yournutz.com bumper sticker at the party — without having a clue what the website was.

That, my friends, takes real balls.

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All photos and videos used with permission of the photographers.

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