Raven adds Scribe 4 to content tools

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Raven adds Scribe 4 to content tools

Most likely, you haven’t thought of Raven Tools for content development.

And that’s understandable, because it wasn’t a real strength of ours.

That changes today.

Scribe 4 in Raven

Raven is adding Scribe 4 content analysis to all accounts. Scribe helps you optimize your content structure and keywords for SEO. A tool from our well regarded friends at Copyblogger, it’s used and loved by thousands of online marketers worldwide.

Scribe 4 works by:

  • Discovering and ranking page keywords for prominence
  • Providing a Document Score that measures adherence to good copywriting practices
  • Providing a Site Score showing correlation between the page content and overall site content
  • Recommending improvements for prominent keywords

Customers will be able to use Scribe in Raven beginning Tuesday, Oct. 23. Pro accounts will receive 20 analyses per month and Agency accounts will receive 50 analyses. The prices for both accounts will remain the same at $99/month and $249/month, respectively.

Let’s look at how Scribe 4 will work inside Raven.

Adding content for analysis

Scribe will function within the revamped Content Manager. After clicking the “Add Content” button, you will see the new content section.

On the right, you will see that Scribe asks for three pieces of information before it can begin the analysis: the title, content and a meta description. The red X’s will change to green checkmarks as you add these pieces.

As in Scribe, you will see how your result should appear in search engines after using the meta tag you created.

The “Analyze” button becomes active after you’ve added the three required pieces of information.

You have the option of storing some additional article information in Raven. Article Tags will help you located content easily, while Keywords will help you remember the keywords on which you were focusing. You can search and filter by tags and keywords in the Content Manager. That’s especially useful if you’re producing a ton of content.

Scribe analysis

The Scribe analysis has two parts. The first is the structure and keyword analysis. The second is the score showing how well your content stands up to copywriting best practices for those keywords.

Here’s how the Scribe keyword analysis will appear in Raven.

This first analysis shows me that that I didn’t write enough copy for this brief example, and I didn’t include any hyperlinks. Those are easy to correct.

Scribe identified seven keywords for my post. The first three are listed here in order by prominence. The prominence helps you know the issues to tackle first.

When necessary, Scribe will tell you how to improve keywords.

We’ve given you some new options for the Scribe keywords. If you click the gear icon next to the keyword, you will be able:

  • Add the keyword as an article tag or keyword
  • Add the keyword to Keyword Manager
  • Track the keyword in SERP Tracker
  • Research the keyword

The final pieces are the Document Score and Site Score.

The Document Score is an overall rating of copywriting best practices. Your goal here is a 100 with every article.

The Site Score rates how much your content correlates with the overall site. Your goal is score as high as possible (out of 100), but anything over a 50 means the content correlates.

Raven also provides a readability score by grade level. In case you’re wondering, journalists target 7th and 8th grade for their articles.

Better content with Raven

We’ve watched the market shift to content marketing along with everyone else in online marketing.

The addition of Scribe strengthens Raven’s content offerings, which include tools that help you:

  • Research target keywords
  • Research URLs with competing content
  • Write search engine optimized content with Scribe
  • Purchase content from Textbroker
  • Post content to a WordPress blog
  • Share content via Facebook and Twitter
  • Mark dates when new content publishes
  • Find, capture and report on incoming links to content
  • Analyze and compare changes in keyword rankings for your own website and competitors’ websites

What’s next

With this new content tool, we next plan to improve content analytics and reporting as well as a few things we’re not quite ready to discuss.

We’re excited to offer Scribe as part of Raven and we can’t wait for you to give it a try when it lands in your Raven dashboard Tuesday, Oct. 23.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Brannan is Raven's chief marketing officer. He posts occasionally, mostly ramblings. And he is not a fan of exclamation points.

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