PubCon Vegas 2009 Pictures

PubCon Vegas 2009 Pictures

Oh, PubCon Vegas. We at Raven had a great time hanging out with friends and meeting with new friends. Although my laundry basket faintly smells like the Breeze Bar (coconut, vanilla, cigarette smoke… basically your crazy Aunt’s sedan), I am officially unpacked, and by this weekend I should be back on Central Time Zone. The Raven team posed for lots of pictures. We had to model that fantastic PubCon t-shirt somehow. Let’s all take a walk down memory lane to last weekend, and maybe this will actually help some people remember what happened at PubCon Vegas 2009.

Raven Booth at PubCon
Probably the biggest reward for me was seeing the entire booth come together. This was the first large scale exhibitor booth I had ever done and I could not be more pleased with how well it came together. We only had about two small bumps in the road. (photo by Jason Tan)

Scott Holdren at Raven Booth at PubCon
Hey look, its Scott. Job well done Scott! (photo by Jason Tan)

Raven as PubCon Sponsor
The Aliyson’s showing off our Gold Sponsorship, doing our best cheerleader/beauty queen poses. Price is Right, you can contact us through Twitter. (photo by Jeff Randall)

At Vegas...Hungry!
Contemplating Chipotle outside the hotel, and ready to fill my belly with beautiful burrito goodness. Yes, Alison is holding her lunchbox. (photo by Jason Tan)

Jon Henshaw Speaking at PubCon
Here is Jon, giving a session on Day 1. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Dave Snyder and Jon Henshaw
Jon and Dave Snyder, caffienating prior to sessionating. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

PubCon T-Shirts
Day 2 – T-Shirt Madness aka My kid can wear this t-shirt with a pint glass full of beer on it! (photo by Jeff Randall)

People at PubCon Booth
More T-shirt and jerky madness (photo by Jeff Randall)

Crowd at PubCon Booth
Let’s step away for a moment… okay that’s enough. (photo by Jason Tan)

Alyson and Alison
Look, still smiling after working our asses off passing out T-shirts. It is good to know that all those years working for musicians helped. Our t-shirt merchandising skills were off the chain. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Alison Groves Demo Smackdown
Alison, thoroughly enjoying this demo? (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Taylor Pratt, Jon Henshaw and Manda Otto
Some friends stopped by the booth too! Taylor Pratt and Manda Otto! (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Jon Henshaw, Ben Cook, Dana Lookadoo and Taylor Pratt
Jon and friends. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Team Raven at the Booth
Team Raven, to the rescue… again Alison and I thoroughly enjoying posing like cheerleaders. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Matt Mikulla Demo Smackdown
Action shot of Matt giving a demo, unfortunately Jason was also giving lots of demo’s but none of those ended up being photographed. (photo by Jeff Randall)

Jon Henshaw Demo Smackdown
Even Jon was getting in on the demo action… Raven Genius Bar open and accepting appointments. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

Jon Henshaw Big Demo!
Raven demo at the Main Demo area at Pubcon featuring Jason Tan Juggling skills! (photo by Jason Tan)

Alyson Juggling
This was me learning to juggle, sadly enough this is the last shot of Jason’s balls before they disappeared. (photo by Jason Tan)

Taylor Pratt, Kristy Bolsinger, Joanna Lord and Greg Finn
Thanks for modeling our t-shirts everyone, yes including you Taylor. (photo by Dana Lookadoo)

We had some great fun in Vegas, but we had to get back and get some work done at some point. Thank you to everyone who contributed pictures Dana Lookadoo, Michael Dorausch, Jeff Randall, and our own Jason Tan. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the news about Raven, and for everyone that stopped by the booth. So long Vegas, until we meet again next year for PubCon!

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • Michael Martin

    Stupid me I kept my Raven Tools jackknife from PubCon South in Austin earlier this year in my carry-on when leaving Vegas – so Security nabbed it.

    Curious what Raven will hand out at PubCon South in Dallas since the jerky promo is over :)

    ,Michael Martin

  • Mike Henshaw

    Alyson, fabulous shots! As Jon’s dad, seeing what’s up with him and the team is a thrill. I am so proud of all the team has accomplished!

  • William D Rock

    Just posted a great photo of Jon during his live demo of the tools.
    Great Photo a Flickr –

  • Jon Henshaw

    Nice William. Thx for posting it!