Product Review for Griffin ClearBoost for iPhone


Product Review for Griffin ClearBoost for iPhone

My iPhone now sports Griffin Technology’s ClearBoost, a protective polycarbonate case with a built-in antenna booster. I was the lucky recipient of a pre-launch product, and I’ve had a couple of days to test it out. If my iPhone could talk, I am sure it would be thanking Griffin for finally providing protection, from me. I drop it at least once a week, usually on a painfully hard surface. ClearBoost would have helped yesterday when I dropped in in Nashville’s Commerce Street garage.

But, hands down, the biggest plus is the improved signal. The case has a small stub on the top that connects to a built-in copper antenna. According to Griffin’s site, ClearBoost results in “an increased ability to maintain connection with the cellular network, with more stations available to your phone, and less interference from signal reflections. This means fewer dropped calls, greater coverage areas, and faster Web browsing and file transfers.”

My husband and I have iPhones. We commute together, work together, eat lunch together… and side-by-side, my iPhone bars are kicking his iPhone bars’ butt. At lunch today, his naked phone had ‘No Service’ and my ClearBoost phone had 5 bars.

I was particularly excited about the product because we don’t have a home phone line. Our house is essentially carved into a cliff, and I’d estimate 30 percent of our calls are dropped or choppy. Quite often our incoming calls go straight to voicemail. With ClearBoost, that problem seems to be resolved.

I have a few more tests to run; there is a spot in Bellevue on Highway 70 that has consistently dropped every call, for eight years. I am driving that way tonight and I will run a test.

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  • Marko

    Wow this is a nice product from Griffin Technology, it can really help people with bad signal on ther iPhone. It also prodect’s the little priceless thing ;)