Park or Forward Your Phone Number with NumberGarage


Park or Forward Your Phone Number with NumberGarage

If there is anything that is up in the air these days when it comes to telecommunications, it’s phones. Land lines, cell phones, VoIP – there have never been more options when it comes to phone service. But what do you do with that number that you’ve had forever and want to either use cross platform or just hang onto for a while? Nashville company NumberGarage allows you to hang on to that phone number you love and do one of two things with your number: park it or forward it.

Parking your phone number allows you to hold onto your number without using it. If you’re moving, going to be changing business for any reason or just want to hold onto a phone number, parking the number will allow you to do so. You can truly be the owner of that number. If you’ve had a number you can’t imagine parting with, this is perfect for you.

If you want to use that number, but just on a different platform – like say you have a land line number you want to have ring through to your cell phone – then forwarding is for you. You’ll never miss your calls again, and you can streamline your communications for business and personal use. Now there are no excuses for keeping extra phone lines that you don’t need around. NumberGarage offers phone porting options that will be perfect for your specific needs.

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