Three little piggies

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Three little piggies

I have pigs on the brain today.

First, there was the bacon formerly known as a pig on my “California Club” taco at lunch. (We like to walk to lunch, Raven’s Jon Henshaw loves tacos, and Taco Mamacita is around the corner. It’s like the taco trifecta.)

Then, there’s this little piggy, who’ll accompany Raven’s Taylor Pratt to ShareASale’s ThinkTank 2010 conference for affiliate marketers in Half Moon Bay, California. ‘Cause when you’re a Raven Tools affiliate, it’s like putting money in the bank. Get it?

Raven Piggy Bank for ThinkTank
Aww, so cute.

Taylor, who has been working the conference circuit like Curves for Women (see Paul Baranda’s effusive praise), will speak twice at ThinkTank. Session titles are “Emerging Trends: Technology & Business” and “Ins and Outs of Social Media.” If you’re heading to ThinkTank, don’t miss him.

Finally, have you seen the new Geico commercial about this little piggy? Which is funnier, the kid in the backseat or the pinwheels?

Geico's Piggy Whee
And this little piggy went Whee! Whee! Whee! all the way home.

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