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How To Write Meta Descriptions for Maximum Clicks

They’re easy to ignore and time consuming to write. But well-written meta descriptions — a.k.a. snippets — can strongly influence the amount of traffic that your website receives from a specific search result. It’s important to know what details they should contain, in what format, … Read More

Did You Know? View Data Trends in Google Analytics

Sometimes the best data tells the simplest story. That’s definitely the case with Raven’s trendlines, which we place over your Google Analytics data to allow you to get a quick overview of the direction your metrics are going. When we launched the new Raven last … Read More

How to Leverage PPC Insights In An Organic World

It was the slamming door heard ‘round the world: the disappearance of organic keyword data. It affected the organic search world in a wide range of ways. Some folks like Mike King have done great presentations about why “not provided” doesn’t matter in the grand … Read More

Google Rankings Just Got Even Better in Raven

Thanks to some recent changes at Google, we have some great news for customers who use rankings in the Raven platform – and for SEOs in general. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, recently posted that Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) will now provide more … Read More

The New Marketing Cycle: It’s All Connected

Remember marketing before social media, Google algorithm updates, personalization and localization? It’s hard to believe that there used to be a time when life was so simple. All marketing channels were silos, and each – SEO, PR and “traditional” marketing – had its own specific function. … Read More

Did You Know? Upgrade Your Google Analytics Reports

In 2013, we radically redesigned Raven, making it a simpler, more modern experience for our users. We also launched some cool new features along with the new Raven, namely a brand-new keyword rankings tool and a major upgrade to Google Analytics. These days, your Google … Read More

2013: The Year in Online Marketing

What is it about reviewing a year that makes everything seem so poignant and dramatic? I mean, just try and watch this Google Zeitgeist video without getting a little choked up. In online marketing this year, most of us were more likely to be weeping … Read More

How 50 Words Can Improve Your Next 500 Blog Posts

50 words. That’s all it takes to present a complete picture of your blog post — from topic to deadline — to a potential publisher or your editor. Those 50 words will help you organize and focus your thoughts. They’ll make sure that you’re writing … Read More

The Year in Raven (And What We’re Up To In 2014)

2013 was a bit of a wild ride for Raven. All-in-all, it was an exciting and productive year that included a complete makeover of the platform and several major new tools. JANUARY: Goodbye, scraped data It all kicked off in January with the removal of … Read More

Raven’s Top 10 Guest Posts of 2013

At Raven, we live to make your life easier – whether it’s with our make-you-look-great marketing platform or through the resources we provide on the blog. And in 2013, the Raven blog was brimming with useful and thought-provoking guest posts from both up-and-comers and well-known … Read More