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The 13 Scariest Moments in Marketing

Marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether it’s an unhappy client phone call or a misspelled post (eek!), there are plenty of moments in the average marketer’s day that can inspire terror – or at least a fair amount of of annoyance. But what … Read More

A Tweet is Worth WHAT? A Guide To Measuring Social Media

Most people with jobs have some kind of way to measure whether or not they’re good at said job. Are you nice to customers? Do you get your work done on time? Are you making the company money? All of these metrics and many more … Read More

Sample Email for Site Performance Report

Not sure what to include in a business development email to a prospect? Here’s one example, based on the results of a Raven Site Performance report. Prospect Name, Nice to meet you at the doggie day care summit recently! I came upon your business card … Read More

How to Find Website Competitors Using Raven

Say you have a client who wants to know how their site is stacking up against the competition. What if your client doesn’t really know who the competition is? That’s where a little digging by you – and Raven – comes in. Let’s look at … Read More

Client Communication And The Unfiltered Truth

Once upon a time in the Wild West that was the Internet of the late ’90s and early millennium, digital marketing agencies as we know them today didn’t exist. Much of online marketing was spammy in one way or another. A hacker ethos reigned – … Read More

Press Releases Are (Still) Useful for Marketers

No matter what kind of online marketing is your specialty — SEO, social media or content — the press release is a valuable tool. Have you heard otherwise? A recent update to Google’s definition of link schemes rippled through SEO and public relations circles. Google’s … Read More

How to Create A Branded Report From Anywhere in Raven

I think that we all can agree that generating a report in Raven is pretty easy. When it comes to compiling a report, the Report Wizard is definitively a time saver. And no matter where you are in Raven, you can simply click the Create … Read More

Achieve 360° Marketing Optimization in 7 Steps

Want to score absolutely insane results from your marketing? The answer is to optimize everything. In this guide we show you how to tackle every aspect of the marketing matrix to ensure you achieve 360° optimization. 1. Identify your avatars Before you even begin to … Read More

Business Development That’s Super Simple

Marketing websites, increasing conversions and developing relationships with your clients all have their own challenges. But finding and winning the business in the first place might be the biggest challenge of them all. Oftentimes, business development requires that you take time, money and resources away … Read More

Help, My Dog Ate My Raven Invoice!

What happens if you don’t have a Raven invoice and you need it for accounting purposes? The process is different depending on your level of access within Raven. Here are the steps you need to know. Account Owners If you’re an account owner, you’ll see … Read More