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Video: Google Analytics Advanced Segments Mini-Tutorial

Can I implement Advanced Segments from Google Analytics in Raven? As a matter of fact, yes you can! Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics. You’ll see a side menu within Google Analytics. Advanced Segments has its own drop down menu. GALaunch Videos-AdvSeg-Final The … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Adwords Reports Mini-Tutorial

Does Raven incorporate Google AdWords data into my Google Analytics data? As a matter of fact, it does. Go to the Campaign section, then navigate to Google Analytics and click on the AdWords link. By linking your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts, Raven software allows … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Social Reports Mini-Tutorial

What kind of data about Social Networks can you find in the new Raven Google Analytics? Navigate to the Campaign section in the side menu, and click Google Analytics. Then scroll until you see the plus sign next to Social, and we’ll show you. GA Launch Videos- Social-Final … Read More

The Risky Business of Using WordPress Plugins

One of the greatest things about WordPress is the ability to find a plugin for just about anything. In fact, their developer community is second to none when it comes to CMS add-ons. Since plugins are a big draw to the WordPress platform, it’s common … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Audience Segments Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven tell me about my website’s audience? Of course it can! With our new Google Analytics upgrade we can give you all kinds of information about the people visiting your website. Navigate to the Campaign section of the side menu, and select Google Analytics. Click … Read More

How One-Page Websites Hurt You in Search & on Social Media

There’s a current Web design trend that’s disadvantageous to your overall success on the Web. It’s called one-page websites – sites that only have one page and instead of linking to internal pages, just scroll when you click on the navigation. Single-page websites are neither findable … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Goals Mini-Tutorial

Does Raven provide data on my Google Analytics Goals? As a matter of fact, it does! Go into the Campaign menu > Google Analytics, then click on Goals within the Google Analytics section. You will see a line graph where you can view Goal Completions as … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Events Mini-Tutorial

How does Raven show me information on my Events? I’m glad you asked. If you go into the Campaign section of the side menu, then go into Google Analytics, you’ll see the Events section. Click there. GALaunchVideo-Events-Final The first option is to look at the … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Traffic To All Content Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven tell me what content on my website gets the most traffic? Yes it can! If you go into the Campaign menu, Google Analytics, then choose content. You’ll see three options. First is All Pages. In the All Pages section, you can see the … Read More

Google Analytics Campaigns Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven give me information about my campaigns in Google Analytics? Yes it can! Go into the Campaign section of the side menu and click on Google Analytics. Then navigate to Campaigns in the secondary menu. GALaunchVideos-Campaigns-Final If you’ve used the Google Analytics URL builder … Read More