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Video: Google Analytics Reporting Mini-Tutorial

Is all of the data available in Raven’s Google Analytics section reportable? Yes it is! Anything you see in the Google Analytics section is easily reportable by going into the Reports Section > Report Wizard. New Raven Google Analytics Overview Choose to create a new … Read More

7 Social Media Skills Great Candidates Can’t Fake

Who reading this remembers CompuServe, AOL and the Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)? These 70s-, 80s- and 90s-era online meeting places allowed users to communicate through a central messaging system and post messages to other users. In many ways, American Online was the Internet before the Internet, with … Read More

Video: Google Analytics New Table Dimensions

What are the new table dimensions in Raven’s Google Analytics integration? I’m so happy you asked. When you go into the Google Analytics section in Raven, you will see that every section has a line graph with a table below. We now gives you a lot more … Read More

Video: Google Analytics Overview Mini-Tutorial

Why should you use Raven’s Google Analytics integration instead of going into Google Analytics itself? There are a few reasons. New Raven Google Analytics Overview First off, we went in and made sure that all of the language in our integration matched the new language … Read More

Lessons from Raven’s Google Analytics Marketing: Part 1

One of the greatest challenges for businesses is to identify practical, yet tactical steps to take to achieve their website’s business objectives. I believe digital marketers have become more aware of the importance of measurement but deciding on the right marketing activities that match their business … Read More

Are You Finding Your Online Marketing Tools Lacking?

You may have heard the phrase, “The tools you use are only as good as the person using them.” But what if the opposite is true? That was the dilemma that SEO 24/7 Ltd. faced when they discovered the online marketing tools they had been using … Read More

Bam! Better Google Analytics Reports Just Launched in Raven

It’s live! No more waiting for Raven to update our Google Analytics reports with the data you want most. Based on customer feedback, we reorganized and added more than a dozen new metrics and views to make your reports really sing. Two key new menus make it much easier … Read More

Four Types of Stand Out Flagship Content

Recently I revisited the concept of flagship content which I have successfully implemented numerous times in the past. Back then, though, it was a bit fuzzy. I created it more intuitively without analyzing how I did it exactly. Last week I had to explain it again to a … Read More

Starbucks Is Customer-Centric Because It Listened

Editor’s note: One Raven customer and agency owner assures potential customers, “We know every client by first name, and that’s how you’ll know us.” Many agencies promise personal attention; they use tools, like Raven software, to buy them time to build such relationships. But what does the client think? … Read More

Raven Puts the GooGoo in Google Analytics Reporting

Update Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 2:15 p.m.: The updated Google Analytics reports are now live in Raven. Check out what’s new and improved below, enter our GooGoo contest, then go play in your Raven account! Ever had a GooGoo Cluster? It’s a milk chocolate, caramel, peanut and marshmallow … Read More