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Take a Whirlwind Tour of 7 New Raven Updates

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks making small enhancements to the Raven software toolset. All of these updates were born from users who would tell us, “I wish Raven would do ________.” We heard you, and we hope something here will … Read More

How To Animal-Proof Your Website

This article is adapted from the Animal-Proof Your Website webinar. I remember when Google algorithm updates were named Bourbon, Vince and Florida. However, since 2011 we’ve been on an animal roll. While I would have picked more ferocious animals – like mosquito, hippo and Brazilian … Read More

What’s a Boolean Search and How Do I Use It?

When I think of Boolean operators, the first thing that comes to mind is Anne Boleyn, Queen of England who married Henry the VIII. I am certain that there is no relation between Anne Boleyn and George Boole – the mathematician who conceived Boolean logic – … Read More

9 Free Gold Mines for Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging has taken a few hits lately, but it’s still a popular method to get links, increase awareness of your content and brand and receive traffic to your site. (It’s just that these days, your guest post had better be one-of-a-kind in terms of … Read More

15 Free Tools for Instant Content Ideas (and 2 Paid Ones)

Listen to this short clip, then say aloud the first word that comes to mind: Click here to listen. What word did you think first? Stinky? Yellow? Cheddar? Shredded? Nachos? All five words are related to “cheese,” and yet all five are related in completely … Read More

How (and Why) To Stalk Influencers

Recently, someone asked us at Raven, “How is the smaller marketer supposed to get an audience?” While there are hundreds of tactics, there’s one way that always works: building relationships with influencers using social media marketing and monitoring tools, like Raven. Why? Here’s the scenario: … Read More

How to Report On Unique Visitors in Raven

One of our most requested features in the past has been the ability to view and report on unique visitors through Google Analytics. Good news! That is totally possible in Raven now, thanks to our fancy new custom chart creation functionality. Here’s a guide to … Read More

How to Come Back from a Marketing Conference and Apply What You Learned

So you went to an online marketing conference. It was packed with great info and smart people and now you’re so fired up that you can’t wait to get back to work and … do what, exactly? It sounds simple enough to put all these … Read More

Raven Wrap-Up: October 2013

Happy Halloween, marketers! Ravens aren’t afraid of the witching hour – after all, we pretty much have the most goth mascot ever. We’re even counting down the 13 scariest moments in marketing elsewhere on the blog. But enough about Halloween. Let’s recap October! What’s new … Read More

The 13 Scariest Moments in Marketing

Marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether it’s an unhappy client phone call or a misspelled post (eek!), there are plenty of moments in the average marketer’s day that can inspire terror – or at least a fair amount of of annoyance. But what … Read More