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Productivity Tools We Love: Slack

Developers. Marketers. R&D. Customer Education. Analysts. Systems Engineers. We have a lot of people at Raven doing a lot of jobs, using a lot of tools to do them. And although we’re all in one big room, internal communication is a challenge. Yammer was too … Read More

Sneak Peek: Raven To Launch New Reporting Engine

A lot has changed since we first launched our reporting engine seven years ago. Mobile has taken over most of our lives, and we’ve come to expect a lot more from our online reporting software. While Raven’s reporting engine has served our customers well, we realized … Read More

New Feature: Find Out What the Wizards at Raven are Solving

If you’ve ever attended one of our online marketing training classes, then you may recall hearing a trainer refer to our behind-the-scenes wizardry. Today, we’re giving you a look behind the curtain with two new pages. Raven Software Updates We just launched a changelog for software … Read More

Agency Team Finds Raven Indispensable!

Not every company can boast customers who want to shout their praises. Raven’s been fortunate. It seems as though every month we get emails from customers asking how they can be featured on our website or in our newsletter. Click Consult, a U.K.-based digital agency, … Read More

What’s the Right Way To Use Tags on Blog Posts?

When it comes to organizing your blog content, there’s a lot of confusion about the best way to use tags. Some follow the “kitchen sink” theory and load up their blog posts with tags; others use tags sparingly or not at all. There is a … Read More

Down Google’s Disavow Rabbit Hole

The SEO industry clearly has more than 9 lives. For every linkbait piece proclaiming the death of SEO, there’s a retort published on a marketing blog. Society can’t quite decide if SEO still has a pulse or not. As long as search exists, I don’t … Read More

The Best Way To Measure Reader Engagement

For most content and affiliate marketers, simply getting traffic to their site is not good enough. In fact, if users don’t engage with their content, then that traffic is essentially useless. The definition of engagement has changed slightly over the years. Early measurements of engagement … Read More

Moz and Majestic Make Beautiful Babies Together

Beautiful people make beautiful babies. In the same way, a data mashup can be a beautiful thing when great data comes together from two sources. In Raven software, you’ll find data mashups around every corner, so we’re familiar with what makes a great one. First, a data … Read More

Link Building Tips To Amplify Your SEO

Raven’s link building tool has been a staple for SEOs and online marketers for years. I want to make the distinction between on-page SEO and off-page SEO because I think there’s a lot of confusion about what constitutes search engine optimization and would like to broaden the use … Read More

Video: Google Analytics eCommerce Data Mini-Tutorial

Where do I find my eCommerce data in Raven’s Google Analytics section? Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics. Within Google Analytics, you will see tables. Of these tables, you can choose Table Content. Once you choose eCommerce, then the data in that table will … Read More