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The Value of Writing for Multiple Audiences

Once upon a time, everyone stood around the water cooler and talked about the same shows. After all, they’d all watched the same shows the night before. But not anymore. Now, there is a limitless number of ways you can consume thousands of television shows, … Read More

The Disconnect Between Outreach Messages and Actual Bloggers

For years I have been receiving numerous outreach messages I simply couldn’t reply to or act upon for a manifold reasons. There seems to be a real disconnect between the outreach messages marketers or PR people send and the reality of actual bloggers who are … Read More

How To Report to Clients in a Mobile World

Marketers prove their worth by delivering reports to the person who pays them. That’s usually either a client or a boss. If your client is like the rest of the world, he or she is increasingly using mobile devices. So make sure when someone views your marketing … Read More

Lessons From Google Analytics Marketing: Part II

Regular readers of this blog and those who follow Raven on social channels know that we’re launching our new reporting engine soon. A select few were invited to participate in hands-on usability testing. A few dozen more were given early, early, early access to the new … Read More

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Google Shopping Campaign Data Now Available in Raven

You asked for it and we’ve delivered: Google Shopping campaigns are now supported in Raven’s Google AdWords tool. You can find this in your account by navigating to PPC > AdWords Metrics and seeking out the Shopping section. All of your active Google Shopping campaigns will … Read More

Help Your Clients Understand the Real Value of HTTPS

Just yesterday morning, hackers compromised the computer systems of a major contractor responsible for providing background checks for the U.S. government. (Source: CNN) And, in light of this week’s other enormous security breach by a Russian gang, first reported in The New York Times, we thought … Read More

Never Post to the Wrong Social Media Account Again

If you handle social media marketing for multiple clients, not posting to the wrong account is a foundational skill, right up there with spelling. So, when you get it wrong, you could be in for a long day. Unfortunately it’s easier than ever to forget you’re in the wrong … Read More

Who is Sick of Inbound Marketing?

Editor’s note (@RavenNickiB): On occasion, I stumble upon a post that so engages me I actually read it all the way through. Contrary to expert opinion, people still read Web copy word for word. Below is one example. This post caught my attention because two of … Read More

How To Nuture Client-Agency Relationships

Can you imagine getting dumped after 91 years with someone? Without so much as a telephone call? That’s what happened to Publicis Groupe, the agency that General Motors had used for nearly a century before abandoning it in 2010. And guess what? Now, merely four years later, … Read More

Live it. Love it. Share it.

At Raven, we have a special relationship with you, our customers. We’ve played poker with you, learned together at meetups, and shared our love of swag. But we wanted a more formal way to say thank you to all of you who loyally spread your love … Read More