Organize Your Documents with Yep


Organize Your Documents with Yep

One of the best things about using a Mac is the software. The PC world simply can’t match the level of quality software that Mac users interact with every day. Sure, Windows users have the same programs from big companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Intuit, but I’m talking about the small 3rd party developers. These guys live and breathe the software they write. Their livelihood depends on their customers being thrilled with not only the software but also the customer support. Today I want to profile one of those companies and tell you about their software and the reason I’m writing this post.

Ironic Software is a small, two-man team working out of Toronto who have been writing Mac software for years. Their newest product, called Yep (arguably one of the worst names I’ve ever seen :-) is truly a gem. They bill it as “iPhoto for your documents.” I’ve been using it for the better part of a year – following it through its beta period and now the stable 1.2 release. I couldn’t be happier.

Yep delivers on it’s promise to make managing your paper records easier. Like lots of people, I had a whole filing system in place to store bills, medical records, receipts, etc. Filing everything was easy enough, but searching through it was a pain, and with no way to backup so many physical documents I was worried. Yep gives me a quick and easy way to scan in all those documents, tag them with keywords, and find old documents quickly. They’re backed up with all the other files on my machine so I never have to worry about losing important records.

I’ve scanned in over two years worth of paper work. All of my bills, every tax record, my medical bills, and large purchase receipts (my wife’s engagement ring receipt!), warranties, etc. Yep makes keeping track of all this stuff dead simple. The main window offers a bird’s eye view of your documents listed chronologically.

Yep Main Window Zoomed In

You can see all my recent documents in the window with live previews of what they actually look like. You can zoom way out and see everything at once, or zoom in closer for a better look.

Yep Main Window Zoomed In

Double-clicking on a document opens the PDF in Preview, or you can hover your mouse over the file to see a quick preview.

Yep Main Window Zoomed In

Scanning documents into the program is very simple. Just attach your scanner and create a new document in Yep. It will scan in as many pages as you want (letting you optionally crop and rotate each page) and then append them into a single PDF which is then tagged and stored in Yep’s library.

I can’t emphasize enough how much simpler it is to file my paperwork this way. I can load Yep and scan in a document in about thirty seconds. That’s only a tiny bit longer than it took to open my file cabinet and put the document in the right place.

All that said, the reason I’m writing this post is because of an email I received this morning. There had been a few parts of Yep that didn’t work exactly the way I hoped it would. The UI was bugging me in a couple places and it was lacking keyboard shortcuts and the ability to nest folders inside each other (for sorting documents). I emailed Yep’s feedback address last night at 8pm.

At 8am this morning (twelve hours later!) I got an email from one of the developers. He not only responded to every point in my email, but actually implemented two of my requests into the newest version of their software. The official release isn’t out quite yet, so he sent me a copy of their internal beta version to tide me over. You simply can’t ask for better support than that.

Give Yep a try. You’ll love it.

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