Order PR Newswire Press Releases in Raven

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Order PR Newswire Press Releases in Raven

When it comes to doing business with the best in the business, it’s hard to top PR Newswire.

The press release and media distribution company is a) respected, b) international, c) gigantic and d) innovating rapidly for new media formats, even though it’s e) way older than any of Raven’s co-founders.

That’s why PR Newswire was top of our list when we went looking for a PR distribution service to integrate with Raven’s software. What’s more, PR Newswire was developing a product we thought would be perfect for SEOs, content marketers and agencies with SMB clients. It’s called iReach.

As of today, Raven customers can order PR Newswire iReach press releases from within Raven.

The price is the same, and the process is simple.

What’s unique about PR Newswire and iReach

PR Newswire Billboard in Times Square
PR Newswire’s iReach has a unique add-on that gives you a whole new way to thrill clients.

There are plenty of press release distribution services out there — some that specifically target SEOs. What makes PR Newswire stand apart? Besides the reasons we have already mentioned, consider these highlights:

  • Vast distribution. All iReach releases are hosted on PRNewswire.com — the top website in the news release industry — and you can target specific industry and subject audiences. PR Newswire also can distribute iReach releases to more than 1,000 major news, blog and media websites, plus the largest social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. Add it all up, and that’s millions of online people who could see your content.
  • Search engine optimization and visibility. More than 60% of the traffic to the press release section of PRNewswire.com comes directly from search engines. PR Newswire optimizes its own website and keeps up with SEO best practices for your releases.
  • “(Search engines) are looking at content almost as humans do, ascertaining meaning and evaluating related content on the page. That’s why, for example, you will see that we surround your press release with other information, including other announcements from your company, as well as industry news.” — Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, in How does PR Newswire optimize press releases?

  • Unique add-ons. You can display your headline and an image on a billboard in Times Square — then for a flat fee order an 8″ x 10″ photograph of the moment they appeared on the billboard. Talk about thrilling clients. Do a Google Image search for “PR Newswire Times Square billboard” or something similar to see how proud business owners are featuring those photos on their own websites and newsletters.
  • Agency affordability… without a mandatory subscription. PR Newswire’s iReach releases start at $129 in Raven. That’s the same price you would get from PR Newswire directly. Add photos and videos and social distribution and Times Square photo prints and that number will go up. The most expensive release — where you choose every option — is $783. But you don’t have to choose all the bells and whistles, and you aren’t locked into a multi-thousand-dollar contract.

PR Newswire resources for you and your clients

PR Newswire Venn Diagram of Discovery
This diagram, published by PR Newswire, could come in handy when explaining to clients how news releases help their content get discovered by their target audiences.

If you haven’t used releases as a way to distribute content before, clients might be hesitant to sign off. You might not have considered the benefits, either. Review these resources, and share them with clients.

How to order a PR Newswire release in Raven

PR Newswire iReach in Raven 02

Go to Content > PR Newswire. From there, things are almost self-explanatory. Find step-by-step instructions in Raven’s Knowledge Base.

There are some things you need to know before you start, though.

One-time approval process

  • You must register with PR Newswire. Raven has auto-populated the registration form with as much information as possible. (It pulls that information from the contact details of your user account, so be sure to keep it up to date!)
  • You must accept PR Newswire’s Terms of Service.
  • You must submit a press release to complete your registration. Yes, you will be charged for this first press release, so make it count. It will take PR Newswire about 24-48 hours to complete the registration approval process and distribute your release.

iReach release types

There are three types of iReach releases, and you’ll choose which one you want up front. Here are the basics on each:

  • SearchReach ($129): Your 1,000-word maximum release is posted to PRNewswire.com and its RSS feed. Choose specific industry and subject audiences to target.
  • WebReach ($299): Your 1,000-word maximum release is posted to PRNewswire.com and its RSS feed. Your release is distributed to the iReach syndication network of 1,000+ websites. Choose specific industry and subject audiences to target. Plus, you can add an image (e.g., photo or logo) to your release.
  • WebReach Plus ($349): Your 1,000-word maximum release is posted to PRNewswire.com and its RSS feed. Your release is distributed to the iReach syndication network of 1,000+ websites. Choose specific industry and subject audiences to target. Plus, you can add an image (e.g., photo or logo) to your release. Also, an 80-character headline of your choice and your image will display on the Reuters sign in Times Square.

Search Reach, WebReach and WebReach Plus releases have these optional add-ons:

  • SocialPost ($59): Your release is distributed to the thousands of followers of PR Newswire’s Twitter feeds.
  • Embed video in your release ($125): Add a YouTube video.

WebReach Plus releases also have this option:

  • Billboard photo ($250): Order an 8″ x 10″ photograph print of your release’s moment on the Reuters billboard in Times Square.

Billing details

  • Cost: You can always see exactly how much your release costs during every step, and you can add and remove features to adjust the price.
  • Billing: Once you click the green “Submit for Approval” button in the last step, you’re on the hook for the total cost, which we’ll add to your next Raven invoice. (You won’t be charged for orders that PR Newswire rejects.)
  • Access: Only paid Pro and Agency accounts are allowed to place orders. (Trial users can’t access PR Newswire through Raven.)

Now go get started.

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