One Raven Leaves the Nest

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One Raven Leaves the Nest

I remember when I first met Jon Henshaw at Starbucks and had my interview to join Sitening as an SEO Specialist in 2007. One of the things I remember is that he showed me a very, very early version of Raven. It was so early that it wasn’t styled, and the layout was still in tables.

As an eager SEO geek, I recognized the potential that Raven held.  It was easy to see that Raven would become an amazing piece of Internet Marketing software. As Sitening flourished as an agency providing SEO services, I was moved into the role of SEO Manager, overseeing all client SEO initiatives. Our team rocked. I’m proud of the work that we all did and the quality results we obtained for our clients.

However as awesome as it was to be doing top-notch SEO for Sitening’s clients, the company took a new direction, the focus was no longer on SEO. Everyone working for Sitening transitioned to working full-time for Raven. There are developers, customer support, marketing, and product managers working countless hours a week to make Raven what it is now and what it will be in the future. 

As the former SEO Manager for Sitening, my own personal perspective was that I would do whatever I was asked to help Raven grow, and that’s what I have done – everything from client consultation to creating a training manual.  However, my overwhelming passion and obsession was, and still is, for SEO. I think it takes another SEO geek to understand that passion and level of interest.

As the company has transitioned away from providing SEO services, and as I am at heart an SEO geek, it is with both sadness and anticipation that I announce that I am leaving Raven. I fully believe in the work which was done, and is still being done, to ensure that Raven is one of the best Internet Marketing tools on the Web today. I am also extremely proud to have been part of the Sitening / Raven team.  Long before I joined Sitening, the principals of the company were my heroes.  I leave Raven knowing they became my friends.

Moving forward

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I would like to end this post with a personal message to each Raven employee and some images of the past three years. 

Alyson (@RavenAlyson): Once a hipster, always a hipster.

Phil: You won the poker trophy which should have been mine. Rematch!

Alison (@RavenAlison): Your additional work duties now involve making sure that no more killer bunnies invade the office.

Matt (@RavenMatt): You still have to work on holidays.

Irene (@RavenIrene): Viva la Barca!

Taylor (@RavenPratt): May future versions of the Raven Hunt each be better than the last.

Jason (@RavenJason): You juggle and run. ‘Nuff said.

Scott (@RavenScott): I am still not 100% sure you’re not part of the Borg collective.

Patrick: My cuppa tea making skills will always be superior to yours, just like my soccer team.

Jon (@RavenJon): My mentor, big brother, and partner in crime.

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