One fresh marketing idea from iContact

One fresh marketing idea from iContact

Flowers from iContact to Raven.

At Raven, we have seen our share of love from our customers and our third-party partners.

We have been stuffed with Bacon Explosions and had fine Scotch and local beer delivered to us.

We have been flattered by a bird named after us.

We have been surprised to see our T-shirt star in an SEO rap video.

But, to date, no one has ever sent our bloggers flowers from a Not-So-Secret Admirer on Valentine’s Day. Kudos to email and social media marketing purveyors iContact for knowing that lilies, roses and daisies are the way to the hearts of the Raven writers.

Ever since Peter Shankman and that steak, marketing through doing something unexpectedly delightful has been on the rise. It’s a trend we’re A-OK with.

Why did iContact woo us? Read why on the iContact blog, and consider this: when was the last time you thanked your writers — or someone who inspired you?

Raven thanks you, iContact.