New StumbleUpon Toolbar Enhances Google and Yahoo! Search


New StumbleUpon Toolbar Enhances Google and Yahoo! Search

One of my favorite social media services is StumbleUpon. I like it because it’s one of the best ways to discover new websites, and it’s also perfect for marketing Web pages and websites. For some reason, StumbleUpon has the uncanny ability to drive a significant amount of traffic.

The StumbleUpon toolbar makes it very easy to use their service. Clicking on their Stumble! button will randomly take you to new websites. If you want to rate a website — like the one you might be promoting — simply click on the the thumbs up button. Also, if you’re the first person to discover the website, you’ll be prompted to comment on it.

Their toolbar just got even better today with a new feature that enhances Google and Yahoo! searches. Now, when you do a search on either of those sites, small icons and links will appear for websites that have already been added to StumbleUpon. If you’ve previously given the page a thumbs up (or down), the corresponding icon will appear right before the title of the page. If the page has been reviewed and tagged, the tag name will appear at the end of the page title (along with a link for more information on StumbleUpon).

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