New “Site Finder” and “Backlink Explorer” for Advanced Link Building

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New “Site Finder” and “Backlink Explorer” for Advanced Link Building

Link building is both a necessity and a resource hog. The role of link building in Internet marketing campaigns is endless. It’s not just something you must do, it is something you must continue to do. We’re excited to announce new tools that will not only improve the way you research links, but also reduce the amount of time it takes to do that research: Site Finder & Backlink Explorer.

Site Finder

Site Finder allows you to enter a keyword phrase and automatically finds and ranks domains that link to the top ten Google results for that keyword phrase. We use a combination of ranking factors to determine how valuable a link from one of the returned domains would be to your site, including MajesticSEO’s ACRank and SEOmoz’s mozRank and Domain Authority.

Site Finder by Raven Tools

Having been fans of Jim Boykin at WeBuildPages (who we think first came up with this idea) and Aaron Wall’s SEO Book’s Hub Finder, we wanted to create a tool that was automated, and one that would interact with the rest of Raven’s tools.

For example, instead of having to enter competitor domains, all you have to do is enter the keyword phrase you want to build links for — Site Finder does the rest. After Site Finder returns the results, you can then review each website and easily create new link records directly in the Link Manager with one click. You can also create reports based on the results returned from Site Finder.

Site Finder Reporting

Backlink Explorer

Backlink Explorer takes a different approach, by allowing you to enter a single domain to get an advanced look at its backlinks. It uses MajesticSEO’s ACRank to rank the backlinks, displays the anchor text, and tells you if the link is nofollowed or encasing an image.

Backlink Explorer by Raven Tools
And just like Site Finder, Backlink Explorer also interacts with the rest of the Raven’s suite of Internet marketing tools.

Watch the video below for a more in-depth walkthrough of Site Finder:

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