New Raven User Guide and Weekly Webinars

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New Raven User Guide and Weekly Webinars

We're excited to announce the release of our new Raven User Guide and the launch of our weekly educational webinars!

Raven User Guide

We've just released our new Raven User Guide, which includes all of our major tools and features. It’s designed with step-by-step instructions on how to properly use each tool. As we continue to release new features on a weekly basis — which can be seen through our weekly Feature Friday blog entries — you can expect frequent updates to the guide.

The Raven User Guide can be downloaded at:

Weekly Webinar Series

In addition to the new Raven User Guide, we're launching a weekly webinar series that will cover the most frequently asked questions about our features. Beginning Tuesday, June 29, we'll be hosting a weekly 45 minute webinar at 3pm CST (-5:00 GMT) that will include a 30 minute overview of the features, and then a 15 minutes time period for Q&A.

Throughout the webinar, you'll be able to submit questions to the chat room, which we will then answer during the Q&A time period. You can also submit questions beforehand, by emailing them to

For details on the next four webinars, and to sign up, please visit our Events page. At the bottom of the Events page you'll be able to register for as many events as you'd like. If you have any problems signing up, please email

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