Can We Help? Answers to Your New Raven Questions


We hope you’re all enjoying the new look and feel of your Raven app – not to mention our new Keyword Rankings tool!

If you haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with the new Raven yet, there’s still time to join us for a quick webinar walk-though of all the new stuff. You can also check out a recorded tour here:

Meanwhile, we thought we’d answer some questions we’ve been hearing from you.

Navigation/design questions

What exactly changed?

  • We reorganized our tools into slightly different sections: Campaign, SEO, Social, Content and PPC, with Research and Reports sections on either end.
  • We moved the navigation from the top to the left side.
  • We gave our section colors a refresh so it’s easier to find your way.
  • We added a few new features like Keyword Rankings and Google Analytics Advanced Segments.

Catch up on all the changes here.

Where did (X) tool go?

We introduced a new menu section called Campaigns, designed to house all the tools that go beyond a specific tactic like SEO or social media and impact an entire campaign. If you’re missing a tool, look for it there first. Here’s a quick look at all the tools you’ll find there:


If you still can’t find a specific tool or feature and worry that it’s gone, definitely let us know!

New tools and features

How do I authorize Google Webmaster Tools?

To use our Keyword Ranking tool, you must first connect your Google (or Bing) Webmaster Tools account.

Here’s a tutorial to guide you through the process, or you can follow along with this quick video:

What’s the best way to verify my site in Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools requires that you verify ownership of every site you add to it. If you don’t verify the site, you won’t see any data related to it. Even worse, if you don’t verify your site, Raven won’t be able to display your ranking results!

Luckily, GWT provides five different verification options, two of which are available via its API and are also supported in Raven for your convenience.

There are pros and cons for each verification method. Here’s a look at each one to help you decide which verification method is best for you.

Raven can’t find my Google Webmaster website. What’s up?

We require an exact URL match when pulling in Webmaster data. This means if your campaign has a URL of in Raven, it must be set up in Google Webmaster Tools as rather than than

There’s not a way to edit the campaign URL after it has been added, but you can add a new campaign in Raven. Then be sure that you have set up as a restricted user to pull in the query data specifically.

(Google recently announced that it is improving the Webmaster Tools API for search queries, so we hope to eliminate the “Restricted” account step soon.)

Raven can’t find my Bing Webmaster website. What’s up?

First, make sure the website is verified in your Bing account. Once you connect your Bing API to Raven, we’ll only pull in verified sites, not recently added sites that haven’t been added yet.

How long does it take for rankings to populate?

If you’ve just configured your Webmaster Tools account, it can take up to 24 hours for your data to populate.

Why don’t I see data for all my keywords?

Our ranking tool – based on data from GWT and BWT – presents a different way at looking at ranking data. It’s performance-based, versus the old way of “does it rank?”

Some keywords, even if they rank first in Google, will likely have zero data. Why? Because zero people are searching for them, they gets zero impressions and zero clicks. It’s a bit of a paradigm shift, but if there are certain keywords that have no data, then there’s a 99% chance they don’t perform well or at all.

That’s why Raven added performance metrics like visits, conversions and more. It can be used for clients if you help them understand that it’s reporting performance, not simply the rank. And that certain campaign keywords that have little to no data may still rank, but currently don’t have any traction in the SERPs.

Is there a limit to the number of keywords I can add to the Keyword Ranking tool?

We’re capping the number of keywords you can add to the Keyword Ranking tool at 5,000 right now. For any one website, and for the majority of our customers, that’s far, far, far more than enough. That cap could change as we get to know how you’re using the tool and what you need. Feel free to let us know what you think! (And remember — you can add unlimited keywords to the Keyword Manager. Store your complete list there and just use Keyword Rankings to see what, well, ranks.)

Does Raven have local rankings?

Short answer: Nope, sorry.

Longer answer: Rankings from Webmaster Tools are averages that include data from all searches everywhere. Webmaster Tools does allow a user to filter by location, but filtering this way wouldn’t allow us to also keep the average rank. So we could do one or the other per campaign in Raven – average rankings or data from a specific locale, but not both. We’ll continue looking into solutions that could allow locale-specific rankings.

Why doesn’t my Webmaster data exactly match Raven’s data?

Webmaster Tools reports “<10″ for small daily values via its API, but Raven records these values as 0 (rather than guessing the actual number).

This can result in a small difference between the numbers reported in Raven and those in Webmaster Tools. Typically, our totals will always be a bit lower when viewing keywords with smaller amounts of traffic. For more trafficked keywords, however, it should line up nicely.

How current are these rankings?

All data from Webmaster Tools is updated on a daily basis.

So you’re SURE rankings are here to stay?

Yup, positive! That’s the beauty of authorized data. In fact, we’re replicating a method that Google recommends. Since it’s authorized straight from the source, it’s dependable for the long run.

How do I use Google Analytics advanced segments?

We’ll let Google answer this one:

Advanced Segments allow you to isolate and analyze specific kinds of traffic. For example, you might create a segment that only includes visits from purchasers. You can then browse through your Analytics reports, viewing data only for this segment or even comparing it side by side with data from other segments or data from all visits.

You can create your own segments and apply them to your data as well as select from predefined segments. To apply a segment, click the drop down menu in the control bar at the top right of any report next to the text Advanced Segments. Then select the segment(s) you want to apply to your data.

Once you’ve created an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics, you will see them all in a drop-down menu in the Google Analytics section. You will be able to view these specific, isolated traffic segments within Raven.

General Raven questions

I tried Raven recently but I want to try again now that it’s all new. What do I do?

If you tried Raven even as recently as a few weeks ago, your experience was very different than it will be now. Because of that, we’re calling this a Raven amnesty period — we welcome you to do another trial and get the full experience. Just email us at and we’ll get you all set up.

Does Raven support my country?

The answer, for the most part, is YES! We have Raven users from all over the world. Raven pulls in data from tons of different data partners. Some support a certain set of countries and languages, such as Google AdWords and Social Monitor. Other data partners, such as Majestic SEO, don’t have country silos, but rather crawl as much of the web as they can.

Go to Campaign > Campaign Settings to set up your country, currency and preferences. This will carry over to a number of tools across Raven by default. It’s the best way to quickly customize your experience for your country.

Is Raven updating its iOS app/creating an Android app/becoming fully responsive?

It’s a major undertaking to remake a platform as expansive as Raven’s in a way that’s responsive, but we’re working on it. Rather than pursue apps for individual platforms, our goal is to make Raven useful for you no matter what device you’re on. The most recent redesign allowed us to begin taking steps in that direction, and we plan to keep going. It’s one of our priorities moving forward.

How do I contact you for help/questions/feature requests?

One cool feature of the new Raven is that it’s now even easier to get in touch with us! No matter what tool you’re in, you should see a Help Center menu on the top right like so.


The first two options will take you to our Knowledge Base – either to the specific tool you’re working in or to the main menu where you can search for what you’re looking for.

The last three options contact us directly by email via the form. You can ask a question, report a bug or issue or let us know about a feature or upgrade you’d like to see. No matter which you choose, you’ll hear back from us.

Got a question we didn’t address here? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Gary

    Can you connect both Google and Bing webmaster tools or is it one or the other?

    • RavenCourtney

      Yes, you can connect both Google and Bing. :)