Raven Customer Care gets an update

Raven Customer Care gets an update
New Raven Customer Care Section

Last week, Raven launched a new Customer Care page.

It’s part of our ongoing work to make Raven indispensable for users. In addition to building great software, we have to create resources that allow customers to solve problems and learn how to get the most from the tools. And those resources have to be both informative and navigable.

Growth necessitated change

Our previous Customer Care section was more than 15 months old. It was a map for a previous generation of Raven.

Raven does a lot more today than it did a year ago – here’s everything we added in 2011 alone. .

The tools are also more integrated than ever. For example, Link Manager is completely integrated with CRM – as well as Site Finder and Backlinks Explorer and Social Monitor. These relationships – and the many others in Raven – required a new perspective about customer support content.

Emphasis on “tasks”

The biggest change we’ve made is the addition of new sections we call “tasks,” which match the work Raven users do every day. (If something is missing, please tell us in the comments, and we’ll add it. Seriously.)

For example, we’ve added a task called SEO Research. It brings together most of the content we have about researching keywords and URLs, including all the tools, the SEO Setup Guide, and links to related videos.

The 10 tasks we feature right now are:

The tasks have visual iconography and colors that we’ll carry throughout Raven resources going forward.

Page content

The new Customer Care places a priority on helping users find the right information quickly. A new search function is front and center for users who have a specific problem. Results will come from our Knowledge Base, which contains the details about setting up, using and customizing the many different features of Raven.

Raven Customer Care Search

The 10 new tasks above make up the second new section. They are for users who need all the available resources for a type of work.

New Raven Customer Care Tasks

The new page also has a contact form for users to contact Customer Support directly. And, yes, we’re sticking with email-only support. Here’s why.

Raven Walkthrough Webinar and Trial Orientation SeriesA few final changes include:

  • Links to Knowledge Base articles for all tools
  • Reminders for our weekly walkthrough webinars
  • Banner for our five-step orientation series (for trial users)

More to come

We have more upgrades planned for Customer Care in the coming months, including:

  • More videos
  • E-learning courses
  • New guides
  • Orientation series for new users on an existing account

We hope the new Customer Care page helps you get more productivity out of your Raven account. Take a look and be sure to let us know what else would help you make the most of your Raven account. Tell us in the comments, or email us at support@raventools.com. As always, we appreciate your feedback.