New Keyword Manager, Competitor Manager and Research Assistant


New Keyword Manager, Competitor Manager and Research Assistant

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing new management and research tools to help Internet Marketers better manage their website campaigns. The Website Dashboard will play a significant role in those changes, and it sets the stage for introducing new features.

We’re launching the Dashboard with a new Keyword Manager and Competitor Manager.
The Keyword Manager allows you to add and manage keywords related to your website’s campaign.

In addition, the Keyword Manager displays AdWords statistics and Link Manager data, allows you to add keywords to the SERP Tracker and also makes it easy to research related keywords in the new Research Assistant.

In the Competitor Manager you can add competing domains related to your website’s campaign. The manager displays the Quality score, PageRank and Google Index data. In addition, it allows you to easily add a competitor to the SERP Tracker or send it to the Research Assistant to find related keywords and sites that compete in organic search results.

Along with the Keyword and Competitor Manager, we’ve also launched a new Research Assistant. The Research Assistant makes it easy to do powerful domain and competitor research, keyword research and content analysis.


The Domain Research tool provides key performance data and delivers a list of top performing organic and paid keywords and competitors. It’s even capable of doing website comparisons.

The Keyword Research tool provides a list of top performing related keywords and ranking domains.

The Page Analyzer tool provides a list of relevant keywords and topics using multiple tools, including a semantic metadata index to discover complex relationships.

All three tools in the new Research Assistant allow you to browse the results, making it easy to dig deeper and find the data you need. Each report view can be saved for later reference or for making a PDF report. You can also add keywords and domains to the SERP Tracker or to the new Keyword and Competitor Managers.

With the addition of these new tools, Raven is now more powerful than ever.

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