New Firefox 2.0 Features Make The Best Browser Even Better


New Firefox 2.0 Features Make The Best Browser Even Better

Built-in Spell Checker

Firefox now sports a new spell checker that works with input fields and textareas. This is easily my favorite new feature in Firefox. It works similar to most modern word processors — misspelled words have a red dashed line underneath them and right-clicking the word will display a menu to correct or add to dictionary.

Better RSS Feed Reader Integration

Firefox’s Feed Reader integration has always been lackluster. In the new version they include an easy way to associate and control RSS feeds with my favorite news aggregator. In my case it’s NetNewsWire, and I can set Firefox to open all feeds in NetNewsWire, bypassing the usual preview page.

Renaming Extensions to Add-ons

The term Extensions has always bugged me. It’s a technically appropriate name for the feature, but hardly user friendly to non-technical people like my mom. Add-ons just feels right and should make more sense to the technically reclined.

Anti-Phishing Integration

A new Advanced feature allows you to set Firefox to actively check a website’s identity.

With this option selected, Firefox will send data about the current page over an encrypted connection to the selected third-party data provider in order to verify its identity. This method offers the greatest protection, but please take note of the data provider’s privacy policy before selecting this option.

Undo Close Tab

If you’re like me, you have multiple tabs open at all times, and frequently switch between different applications. At least once a day I accidently close a tab that I didn’t mean too. In order to get back to that page, I usually have to sift through my History or return to my news aggregator and search for it. Most of the time I just forget about it. However, I no longer have to suffer from my own demise. Firefox now supports Undo Close Tab.

History In The Main Menu

I’ve never been fond of sidebars, and that’s especially true when it comes to browser History. The new version of Firefox has promoted History to the main menu. I think this is a good move, because History is such an important feature and can be quite handy for sites that you didn’t want to bookmark, but need to quickly revisit again.

Tabs Have Close Buttons

Although tabs have always had the ability to be closed using a keyboard shortcut, many people prefer to use their mouse to close things like tabs. First introduced in the second beta of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox has also introduced the ability to close individual tabs by clicking on their corresponding close button.

Update July 2012 @RavenJeremy – Of course with 6 years, Firefox has continued to improve over time, as of now they’re on version 14.0.1 so go see what the newest version offers today.

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