New features: SEO performance reports, Research Central reboot and more

Features and Updates

New features: SEO performance reports, Research Central reboot and more

Over the past month, we’ve been hard at work on a slew of new updates that are now available in your Raven account. Here’s a look at what’s new.

SEO performance reports

These new reports are the results of direct conversations we’ve had with many SEOs and agencies. As usual, they provided us with some amazing guidance. What intrigued us the most was that the guidance came in the form of questions — questions that their clients have been asking them, including:

  • Did the organic traffic increase?
  • Did the organic traffic drive targeted users?
  • Did the organic traffic convert?
  • Which content received the most organic traffic?
  • Which content converted the best from organic traffic?

Our new reports help SEOs answer those questions for themselves and their clients. The ones now live in your account are based solely on organic search engine traffic, and they focus on Site Engagement, Goals, Landing Pages and Search Engine Share data from Google Analytics. More are coming soon.

To get started, navigate to Metrics > SEO. Or read more about SEO performance reports.

Research Central upgrade

When it debuted last year, we called Research Central an SEO‘s dream mashup tool. Now it’s even more — it’s Grand Central Station for all your website and keyword research. Plus, we made it even more powerful with custom analyzers. Then we added reports.

The updated Research Central is live in your account now. Here are four things to check out first:

  1. One input field for all research
  2. Custom quality analyzers
  3. Reports and exports

1. One input field for all research

Click on the Research button in the Raven app. That takes you directly to Research Central. Then enter any URL, domain, keyword or phrase into the single input field. It’s just that simple.

Research Central Input Page

What comes up first is the Summary page. Here’s what a Summary page looks like for a Domain:

Research Central Domain Summary-NEW

Here’s what a Summary page looks like for a keyword or phrase:

Research Central Keyword Search Summary Page

Note that the tabs across the top of Research Central change based on what you entered in the input field. You’ll only see the tabs that are relevant to what you’re researching.

2. Custom quality analyzers

Raven has long had a Quality Analyzer tool that’s extremely useful for proposals or benchmarking campaigns. It had one huge limitation: the metrics that weighted its score couldn’t be changed.

Now they can.

The new Quality Analyzer puts you in control of your algorithm for evaluating websites. You can choose the metrics that matter most to you, weight their influence and then name and save it as your custom analyzer.

You can set ranges for each metric that determine if the metric is in low, middle or high territory. The analyzer view then displays metrics in color (green, yellow or red — i.e., low, middle or high) depending on where each metrics falls in its respective range.

You can add as many analyzers as you want. For example, an analyzer to focus on metrics for proposals. Or an analyzer for social metrics.

After you create your custom analyzers, you can use those scores to evaluate and report on any domain you’re researching with Research Central — including competitors.

3. Report and export

Raven users have wanted to report on and export data from Research Central since it debuted. We’re excited to announce you’ll be able to create PDF reports from any data and export it from Research Central.

New look for social tools

Finlly, Raven has revamped its entire set of social tools. Everything is simpler to understand and easier to use, and we’ve added a few features that customers have requested.

All of the social changes are now live in your Raven account. Four big changes you might notice include:

  • Better design throughout: Raven approached this upgrade with the goal of making everything more streamlined and intuitive.
  • Twitter additions: You can now access your saved searches directly from Raven’s Twitter tool as well as access, create and manage Twitter lists.
  • Social Monitor improvements: It’s simpler to create and refine brand, industry, keyword and competitor social media searches.
  • Social Stream improvements: You can now add Twitter saved searches and lists to your Social Stream source options. Also, it’s easier to create Quick Views.

Read more about our new social upgrades and then give them a look.

As always, we’re looking for your feedback on all these new tools and upgrades. Send feedback and ideas to Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw at

Our new favorite word? Unlimited

We also took a look at ways we could help our customers get more for their money.

Effective immediately, Agency accounts can run an unlimited number of Site Finder and Backlink Explorer reports. Previously, Site Finder reports were limited to 50 per month, with extras costing $1 each. Backlink Explorer reports were limited to 100 per month, with extras costing $0.50 each.

Also effective immediately, Pro and Agency accounts can add an unlimited number of keywords, competitors and websites to Raven.

For a complete breakdown of Raven’s plans, see our Pricing page.

Arienne Holland is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Raven. She divides her time between outreach, writing, teaching and understanding developers. Before Raven, Arienne spent more than a decade as an editor and graphic designer for Gannett. She was a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for team breaking news journalism. She likes bread, books and bourbon.

More about Arienne Holland | @RavenArienne

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