New Features Launched for Raven SEO Tools


New Features Launched for Raven SEO Tools

Thanks to the excellent feedback from our beta testers, we’ve enhanced the Link Manager and created an entirely new tool called the Persona Manager.

Link Manager Enhancement

We included the ability to add multiple links to one page. Before, when you wanted to add a new link to the Link Manager, you could only create one link (anchor text and URL) per page. If you had more than one link — in particular, multiple unique links — you would have to repeat the process of adding a link several times. Now, all you have to do is click on the Add New link to add additional keywords and URLs to a page.


Persona (Alias/Identity) Manager for Social Networks

A key technique for conducting effective search marketing campaigns is to participate in social networks. One of the best ways to approach social networks is to create and use different accounts — what we like to call personas. However, managing multiple personas can be tedious, and if you’re not using a tool like 1Password (only available for Mac), it can be even more tedious having to enter the login info each time you want to access a site. That’s why we created the Persona Manager for Social Media.

The Persona Manager allows you to add multiple identities and then associate social networking websites, like Digg and Twitter, to that identity. After you’ve setup a persona, you can click on the Login button next to the site you want to login to, and Raven will automatically log you into the website with that identity.


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