New feature: Announcing Site Auditor

It's the easiest and most advanced web-based site crawler for improving site performance – and now Site Auditor is live in all Raven accounts.

Wow…very impressed and worth the wait.

I now have a complete toolkit to build a full analysis on my site and my competitors.

Just got my first report back and it looks sweet.

It’s the easiest and most advanced web-based website crawler for improving site performance – and now Site Auditor is live in all Raven accounts.

Raven’s new Site Auditor runs automatically and reports on site issues using clear labels and explanations. It’s detailed enough for seasoned professionals, but easy enough for anyone with a website to understand.

(Already excited? Skip to the Site Auditor FAQ and get started.)

Why an auditor?

Analyzing a website’s health is a task SEOs have to do regularly, if not every day. Raven now makes it easy to crawl a site, find the problems that need the most attention and report those problems to your client or boss.

It’s a major addition to Raven’s SEO toolset, on par with Link Manager, Keyword Manager and Research Central. And it’s further proof that Raven is fully committed to SEO – for the long run.

As part of our 2013 roadmap, we’ve been talking a lot about “closing the loop” – our way of making sure Raven customers have all the tools they need to research, plan, manage, measure and report on a campaign. Site Auditor is big step in that direction for SEO.

One of the things we’re most excited about is Site Auditor’s ability to bring you new business. Crawl any site (that doesn’t have a robot.txt file to block crawling) and report any or all of the results to a potential customer, along with your recommended SEO strategy. (P.S. That also applies to current clients – even those who don’t think their website needs help.)

How it works

Site Auditor (which you can find in your account under Site > Site Auditor) analyzes your website in seven different areas: visibility, meta data, content, links, images, semantics and page speed.

Recently, Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw demonstrated Site Auditor as part of Raven University. Here, he explains some details on starting a crawl and interpreting the results.

About that beta label

Crawling a large site and then reporting all the potential errors is an unwieldy task.

We want to thank all the early beta users who test-drove Site Auditor during the past few weeks. Because of you, it’s a better tool than we ever imagined.

Raven is confident that Site Auditor works well. We also know we can’t anticipate every possible scenario. That’s why we’re rolling it out for all customers with the beta label for now.

Get started with our Site Auditor FAQ, and if you run into any issues, let us know at

Remember, your ideas and feedback are invaluable as we work to build a tool that you can use every day. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below.

Happy crawling.

  • TopHatRank

    Are we going to have to cancel our MOZ account? 😉 Good job guys!

    • RavenCourtney

      Thanks, guys! Glad you’re digging it. :)

    • Thomas Zickell

      there best together Moz+Raven

  • Todd Mumford

    Hi Brannan – timely feature to add. Losing the ranking checker was a big loss for agencies such as ours, and add more value back into the system really shows that you care and listen to your customers.

    • RavenCourtney

      We’re glad that’s coming through, Todd. And more – much more – is on the way for agencies like yours.

    • Brannan Atkinson

      Thanks, Todd. Product and Dev worked really hard to make this a great tool. We’ve got some more additions soon that I think you’re going to like. See what’s coming at

  • JeremySEO

    This. Is. Awesome.

    • Brannan Atkinson

      Thanks, Jeremy. It was an enormous undertaking but something we knew you and other customers would like.

  • Nando Caban-Mendez

    Without a doubt, one of the best tools I’ve used, and a great sales tool.

    • Brannan Atkinson

      That’s awesome, Nando. You dead right about business development. It’s one of the reasons we made this project a priority.

  • Robin

    Great tool! One quick question: I get error messages for pages that are block by robots or noindex metatags. I get some duplicate content messages for noindex pages, but that’s exactly why I blocked those pages. Maybe the Ravenbot can use the robots info as well.

    • Brannan Atkinson

      The Ravebot does still misbehave occasionally That’s great feedback. I’ll pass it along to support. And that’s why we thought it was best to leave the beta label for now.

      • Robin

        Hi Brannan, glad to help. Another great feature would be a “marked as solved” or “rescan problem” feature to quickly clean up the list when some issues are solved :).

  • Webarts

    Thats a long waited great addition. I tried it today and it looks great. A quick feedback from me would be: to have the option to use more than 1000 crawl pages with overage charges. Its a rare phenomenon but i have one client with 3000+ so it will be useful

    • RavenCourtney

      Thanks for the feedback! That’s really helpful to know as we move forward with perfecting the Auditor.