New Feature: Visualize your link building with 'link clips'

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New Feature: Visualize your link building with ‘link clips’

Traditional PR agencies have long provided clips to their clients—article cutouts of mentions that appear in newspapers and magazines. Today we’re bringing clips to the SEO world.

The introduction of “link clips” is a major enhancement to Raven’s link monitoring and management tools.

Here’s how it works:

Raven’s Link Manager tool stores “links records” for all links that you have added manually to the system or links that import automatically from Google Analytics. You can then set the Link Manager to monitor the Active or Inactive status of any or all of those links. Raven checks these statuses automatically, at the frequency you choose (daily, weekly or monthly).

Now, when our link monitoring system records any Active link, it takes a screenshot of the Web page with that link and creates a “link clip.”

The link clip has two parts: an above-the-fold thumbnail of the web page and a detail view that calls out your link on that page.

Above-the-fold thumbnail


Detail view


In the Link Manager

The Link Manager displays the above-the-fold thumbnail of each link being monitored.

Link Clips in Table View

Note that in addition to the link clip thumbnails, you can also now display columns for links using rel=”nofollow”, browser visibility and link location. Go to Link Manager > Display Options to toggle these view settings.


For the detail view of each link clip, go to the link record page for your link. The link record page will also display historical clips.


Reporting link clips

You can report link clips from the Link Manager with the Report Wizard. The above-the-fold thumbnails will show in the PDF report, and when you click on them, you’ll be taken to the high-resolution detail view in a browser.

Link Clip PDF Report

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