MozCon 2011: Measure the Right Things and Achieve Magical, Analytics Awesomeness


MozCon 2011: Measure the Right Things and Achieve Magical, Analytics Awesomeness

Measure the Right Things and Achieve Magical, Analytics Awesomeness

Session description: As marketers, we often fall in love with the wrong metrics and optimize/report in ways that don’t move the business goals forward. In this talk, Avinash shows a simple, powerful process to focus on and measure the right metrics, then customize your tools to make magical awesomeness an everyday event.

Speaker: Avinash Kaushik

The skinny

Avinash needs absolutely no introduction, or skinny. He is the King of Analytics™.

What he said

  • Standard analytics stink. “It looks pretty, but it is despicably useless.”
  • Figure out what is important, and truly customize the experience.
  • Don’t just create data for your client, but create something for their boss. And for their boss’ boss. Show each person exactly what they want to see. Show them what they want, make more money.
  • Understand the dynamic of the client, choose what you show them.
  • Acquisition source. Make love to it.
  • Create content around what the USER thinks is important, not what YOU think is important.
  • Evaluate what keywords bring you traffic. Does the user search on a key phrase of 6 or 7 words to find you? Focus on that, optimize for that
  • E-commerce isn’t everything. What else brings business value? Online orders shouldn’t be your only goal. There is more to economic value than revenue.
  • Track offsite conversions. Track offline conversions.

Five Step Process

  1. Business objectives Why are we here?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Identify KPI’s. KPI’s are tied to your objectives.
  4. Set targets.
  5. Segments.


  1. Custom reports + advanced segments = awesomesauce.
  2. Social, search, display, email, all add value, not just revenue.
  3. Get your customer to talk to you. Have them identify the true target. Go through the five step process.

Audience participation

  • How do you tie value to lead generation? Track offsite conversions, track offline conversions.
  • How often should you revist the KPI discussion with clients? Once a quarter. “If you see keyword ranking here as a KPI, kill yourself”.
  • People who want to learn analytics, where should they turn? Top 10 analytics blog on

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