Meet us at SES NYC next week

Meet us at SES NYC next week

UPDATE March 24, 6:47 p.m.: Links to my session recaps are now live. Read them to catch up on the conference highlights.

In the past month, Raven has exhibited or otherwise participated at SES London, PubCon South and SXSW—and now we’re heading to New York for more SES love.


Taylor Pratt and Alison Groves will answer questions, offer live demos and hand out swag at the Raven booth (No. 1504). Look for our President Patrick Keeble to weave and and out of sessions and chat at the Raven booth, too.

As for me? I’ll be live-blogging four sessions at SES NYC on Tuesday and three Wednesday (plus a little roving reporting for WebmasterRadioFM). Here’s a preview of the sessions I plan to cover; check back next week for links to live coverage.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Search: Where to Next?

11:30-12:30 p.m.: A peek into the next generation of digital marketing and predict what search might look like in the following five to ten years. What should be on your search radar for 2010 and beyond?
Moderator: Anne F. Kennedy, SES Advisory Board, International Search Strategist, Beyond Ink USA
Josh McCoy, Lead Strategist, Vizion Interactive
Rob Garner, Vice President Strategy, iCrossing
Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
Duane Forrester, Senior Program Manager SEO, Microsoft

Analytics RX: Diagnosis and Recovery

1:30-2:30 p.m.: You just inherited a website—or have a new client. Where do you start? An initial analytics evaluation is very different from monitoring a campaign, so how do you even begin to evaluate a brand new site and uncover the first things that need to be measured and completed?
Solo Presentation by: Matthew Bailey, SES Advisory Board & President, Site Logic Marketing

Social Media & Conversion: The Yellow Brick Road

3-4 p.m.: Jeffrey Eisenberg challenges some conventional wisdom about what trends will affect your business and explores the marketer’s role and what’s worth measuring in social media. You will learn:

  • Why you must clearly identify which of the three voices of social media is appropriate
  • How social media visitors’ intent motivates visitors to convert differently from searchers
  • Why contextual advertising isn’t the best way to think about social media ads
  • How companies successfully use social media to improve their conversion rates

Solo Presentation by: Jeffrey Eisenberg, Partner, Eisenberg Brothers & Associates

Key Points in Launching a Global Website

4:15-5:15 p.m.: As the world becomes smaller and search marketing becomes more complex, the era of “ranking well in Google” is over. This is especially true for companies who are targeting multiple markets or countries. This new opportunity also brings many new complexities to be considered other than standard SEO. This session tackles these key issues critical to successfully developing, optimizing, and launching the global websites that would meet those next generation marketing goals, without losing control or your mind. Topics include: keyword research, language and cultural issues, geographical issues, issues involving different engines and platforms and copy writing for multiple audiences.
Moderator: Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Motoko Hunt, Founder, Japanese Search Marketing Strategist, AJPR LLC
Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board & President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Panda: The Aftermath

A Search Engine Watch Round Table Special
1-2 p.m.: Not since Google update Florida has there been such a huge furor around a Google algorithm change. Nobody is crying over the loss of some crappy content in Google’s index. But many are annoyed that they were playing by the rules and still got hit. Do you have any recourse with Google if you suddenly find yourself minus a ton of traffic with revenues plummeting? It begs the question: Should you base the bulk of your potential business revenues around a mathematical equation that you have no control over?
Moderator:Mike Grehan, Chair SES Advisory Board, Global VP Content, SES/Search Engine Watch/ClickZ
Jonathan Allen, Director, SearchEngineWatch
Frank Watson, CEO, Kangamurra Media
Danny Goodwin, Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch

Enterprise Level SEO

2:30-3:30 p.m.: Topics include SEO tactics specific to large sites, the challenges of educating key stakeholders in the organization including budgeting issues, and implementation hurdles common to large organizations including CMS issues and IT team challenges. This session will also include a proven model of organization for your enterprise level SEO campaign as well as a summary of key metrics that you should be measuring to drive ongoing SEO strategy.
Moderator: Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board & President, Back Azimuth Consulting
Eddie Choi, SES Advisory Board & Managing Director, Frontiers Digital
Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Avi Wilensky, Founder and CEO, Promediacorp
Andy Milburn, Director of Digital Strategy, American Express Interactive

SEO is Dead. Long live SEO!

3:45-4:45 p.m.: SEO is dead… No it’s not… Yes it is! It’s been an ongoing debate for quite some time now. So what’s the truth? Does SEO still give you the necessary oomph to rocket you up the search engine charts like it used to? Or, is SEO a “just in case” best practice routine these days? Can anyone prove it does work; can anyone prove it doesn’t?
Moderator: Frank Watson, CEO, Kangamurra Media
Fionn Downhill, VP of Strategy, SyCara Inc.
Todd Friesen, Director of SEO, Performics
Marcus Tandler, CEO/Partner, Tandler.Doerje

Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.